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                                                        7 Things of EVERYTHING
When last! In 2014, I had a cute run of doing an inventory of my weeks called "7 Things" -- it was modelled over the likes of Heather's Three Things and Priya's "The week in pictures" etc. A year or so later I fell in love with Khensani's occasional dispatches of "Five cool things on the internet." I even harassed the latter saying she could, at the very least, do a newsletter for it. I think she did an edition at her store's blog recently.

At one point when this year was moering me (why do I always think up MORE shit I could be doing if I wasn't me when I'm feeling depleted mentally and physically???), I toyed the idea of bringing back "7 Things" as a Sunday feature. And I'll probably do it too next year. But until then, here I am trying to recall all the good things about this year.


Telefone ~ I've beeen listening to this album and it's one of the most beautiful things that exist. Black girls telling stories (their own especially) for LIFE. Read me on the ways it's changed me here.

Ctrl ~ That day I finally listened to this gem in an Uber from work on a Sunday I heard myself unfold track after track. I wrote about it for the M & G.

Mangaliso ~ THIS ALBUM.

Happy Song by DJ Fisherman ~ *clutches chest*

#4Lundi ~ This tiny ep by my friend Mercy is everything. Death does not end us. Rest in peace Lundi.

Eb'suku ~ Another Ep! Everything (not enuf!) I know about the creation of Eb'Suku

1 + 1 by Beyoncé


Moonlight ~ in a word: Breathless. Here I am, days after seeing the film in a cold, expensive cinema in Rosebank (the only place it was showing), trying to talk about Little.

This specific scene on Umngani Wami

Matilda ~ I'd only ever seen Matilda on etv via all my dodgy TVs but, finally, I was able to see the film as crisp as it was intended and Matilda's mum is a bad bitch.

This Rihanna gif ~ Wow

Rihanna at cropover ~ Wow-est

Pregnant With Twins ~ The image of Beyoncé announcing her latest black joy.

Me, illustrated ~ My friend Mercy (again!) generously illustrated me. They sent me the image on WhatsApp (which I don't open until I absolutely have to, like many other notifications) so when I was on Instagram trying to post something boring, the illustration was just there. Outloud, I said, "she looks like me!" And heart warm and wondering who thought of me after seeing it, I opened WhatsApp to find Mercy all "Hi, I drew you." I got teary-eyed. For my sister's 20th birthday, Mercy drew her as well. Super blessed.


Getting a "proper" byline/my MG debut

Stayed alive

Got a new job ~ This is important because it was my first time going from job to job.

I made a bunch of free memories with my little sister and it's always a blessing.

When I saw my taxi crush for the first time

Hanging out with Mercy when I wasn't being a flake.

Treats (clothes and snacks)

My sister put me onto the cheese and onion cheese curls and my life, yo.

I love biscuits. Coconut is my biiish. So my sister put me on to these romeo delights things (they're called cookies) from Cape Cookies and, wait for it, they're better than Romany creams! It's like Tea Lovers all over again but so much better.

I bought these trousers on sale at Fashion World for R19, 99 and wow.

I thrifted this orange jacket which I have worn every chance I have gotten.

I spent a whole lot of money on this leather-look skirt from Donna, which I'm very happy to own even though it was a lot of money.

I got the Reebok Classics in black and wow goodness my life low-key changed because what would I have been wearing four times a week otherwise.

I bought these red trousers, which I have worn a lot this year and having go-to things has helped me in the mornings.

That's my year in everything*. What have been your favourite moments of 2017?