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Plus size lingerie as outerwear or something like that

This whole summer, and many more to come, I'll be wearing a piece of lingerie as regular wear. I recently went to the Sandton Donna store -- just to check it out. And, honestly, it was very ugly. Can fat women get better things? I tried on a few pieces on my IG story and shot some clips with the intention of, hopefully, making a video with them one day. We'll see.None of the Items I tried on spoke to me -- I enthusiastically took a satin-ish shirt because I was excited to wear it in a pyjama look but I found out it had giant embroidery on the back. Please, Donna, stay away from the embroidery! You've done enuf.

As much as I found the Sandton Donna store disappointing (yes, I thought the whole "it's in the 'burbs and white people shop there!" principle would mean better clothes and better variety) I dropped quite a bit of randelas. It was the weekend after their new bra line dropped and they were doing an underwear promo and my TFG rewards anniversary promo (R50 off to celebrate one year! What a joke) would be expiring.  I bought a bra sized up because my other bras had been doing the least. I also got a lacy gown thing to wear outside the house.

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plus size blogger styling all red, south african plus size blogger, plus size sheer kimono, plus size red pants, plus size sheer duster,

I love a good duster. This partly stems from my arm insecurity. It's also because I get cold and it feels better to have an extra layer just in case. Even if it's a lacy thing. I won't lie, I got this because it feels a little like my goth dreams and I'm looking forward to styling it some more. If I were an Afropunk sort of person, i'd definitely wear this duster to there.

plus size blogger style red pants, south african plus size blogger, plus size red pants, plus size sheer kimono,

Here I've worn it with an old thrifted vest, trousers I got in the Donna sale in January (these have been probably my best buy of the year!) and my Bata shoes, which have previously appeared in this sunny look. I enjoy this mustard and red combination a lot!