23 November 2017

I have Nesting Thirst

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Decor Inspiration from Superbalist and Mr Price Home

I have a wishlist full of household things on Superbalist. Or, as they call the category, "apartment." It's mostly for me to have some focus come "black Friday" tomorrow but also for life. In general. I doubt I'll be buying anything tomorrow, unless the sales are really ridiculous, but I JUST WANNA SEE how much less things will cost. 

Anyway. I don't think it wise to buy house things at this moment because I'm trying to move again. Moving last year was a gift I didn't quite grasp. The years I spent where we previously lived were spent wishing I was elsewhere but because my bigger worry at the time was being able to make that rent and eat, my need to get out felt like a luxury. I needed the move but it hasn't been all that I needed it to be. Bottom line: We need more space. I need more space and that's what I'm now working on. But my nesting thirst is very real and I can't wait to be able to quench it.

Honestly, I'm not the target market for Mr Price home because it's hella expensive but their things have always been cute. Recently, I went to one of their stores looking for a prop for my shop photography and ended up buying a scented candle. It's yet to be lit. Expensive as they are, I quite like their "Afro future" decor collection -- at least a few pieces from the collection. I like the prints and mustard.

What's on your black Friday Superbalist and Mr Price Home interiors wishlist?

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