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Getting the right conditions to get my picture taken when I'm feeling that my clothes are aligned all cute isn't always doable. I still don't have the full-length mirror I've beeen dreaming of so that means dingy bathroom -- or in this case, lift -- selfies.

I've never had any shame about the pictures on my Instagram -- i.e that they are selfies or taken again the wall of my house aka not taken by a professional photographer. That's not what style blogging is about for me. As I've recently started a new Instagram page (and hashtag!) I've found myself thinking more about what I want it to be, why I post pictures of myself here and everywhere else. I'm not asking for perfection (great vsco filters, clear backgrounds, no mirrors) not all of us can afford that and it's not always called for. My favourite looks -- ones I thought looked cute or made me feel the best -- were only documented by my camera in a bathroom and that usually enuf for me. So I'm sharing a few recent "outfits of the day" here and inviting you, if you are a fat person who likes clothes, to share yours too. The hashtag is #SdudlaOOTD.

Clothes can be magical. I hadn't worn this cardigan for over two years but it's all I wore this autumn and it felt...nice. Like a present I bought and forgot about.
south african plus size bloggersouth african plus size blogger
Old Jet Chambaray dress and Mr Price sandals
Old Mr Price (men's) cardigan, old pep poloneck, Jet jeans
Thrifted jacket, old Pep poloneck, Fashion World skirt, gifted Woolworths sock and Reeboks via Superbalist
south african plus size blogger, plus size pastel look, plus size striped crop top
south african plus size blogger
Thrifted jacker and skirt, sale F21 crop top
Old Ackerman's cardigan and baret, Fashion World crop top, Mr Price tube skirt (and a cleaning rag?)
south african plus size blogger, plus colour block look, plus size colourful style tips,
south african plus size blogger
Same thrifted jacket, Pep polonekc, sale Donna trousers (This is the most recent look and hair)
Same old Mr Price cardigan, Old Pep t-shirt, sale Donna trousers

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I hope you have a good Sunday!