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The Body Shop Tea Tree: Wash, Scrub and Mask Review

I was gifted the tree tea 3-in-1 face wash from The Body Shop earlier this year. It took me a while to get into it. When I got it, I was still very much in Freeman Beauty activated clay mode. Jesus, why am I always buying and talking about face masks?

Anyway, I’m writing about this because 1. The Body Shop Tree Tea wash has done a great job for me – for one, it really reduced the annoyance that is sebum in my life. Yes, my skin is still oily (I love my oily wife!) but I haven’t found myself regularly feeling icky.  My face has only acted up on the weeks when I’m not tea treeing properly. 2. The person who gifted me this product really wanted a review -- see, I told you I've been using it!

The smell put me the fuck off this scrub the first few times I used it. So much so that I took a long time to really get into using it. It clicked to me after that, because it's The Body Shop, it's likely fragrance-free and the bad smell is just the fucking ingredients.

I’m planning on buying this baby with my own randelas soon because it has been kind to me. The 125ml costs R150 but given how long it's lasted me and how supple (pliz allow me) and sebum-free my skin has been.

What beauty product have you been using consistently this year that has worked well for you?

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Update [10/10/17]: according to Twitter user [redacted] you might want to see my "skin" and not me enjoying filters when I'm supposed to be scrubbing my face? I thought niyabazi. Nabu:

Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Review, nomali from soweto, south african beauty blogger