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Peplum in a plus size top? Groundbreaking.

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Today is the second time I'm wearing my absolutely lovely (can you tell I like it a lot and I'm proud of myself for picking it out?) top from SPREE. It had its first spin on the town when I attended the "A Day in Bloom" event a few weeks ago. I finally used my refund store credit from SPREE to make my second order and make this plus size summer dream.

Let me tell you tho, on the day of the event I went through three outfits trying to style this top into my version of an easy, breezy, plus size spring look. First, I turned to a pair of short shorts from Forever21 that I haven't worn since I got in one of their sales last year. The problem with that look is that it no longer fits, which I expected because it was a tight squeeze when I bought it. The second look featured the pleated skirt of my dreams but due to a stain, I had to pass. I ended up pairing it with my brown leather-look skirt from Donna and ended up enjoying the texture contrast the most.

The top is very light, and although it's polyester, the material is not at all offensive. The one thing is that likely due to its thinness, my nipples are always the first thing to greet you. But I honestly do not care. Issa tit, bbz. I also chose pink, while the top is available in two other colours, which are more "on-brand" for me as a way to try something new. Now I can't imagine wearing this in any other colour. As far as sizing goes, there isn't any give at all in this top so I recommend picking your exact dress size or (if you are able) size up for the oversized effect seen on the model on the SPREE website.

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Top - SPREE (get it here), Skirt - Mr P (old), Shoes - via Superbalist

Recently, I've started thinking a lot about the fat positive language I use and the kind that makes me roll my eyes. I'm also thinking about how fat positive people (but especially women and femmes) talk about their fat bodies. LIke, something such as "marshmallow" or "marshmallow" would make me roll my eyes to eternity but I know to others it's affirming so here I am, presenting the best kind of marshmallow, a pink marshmallow.