25 October 2017

4 Instagram Tools to Help You Plan Your Next Trip

South african lifestyle blog, how to use instagram to plan trvel
What do you use Instagram for? Le's try using it as a travel tool.

At the beginning of this year, I was, decidedly, a Port Elizabeth person. Before my move because possible, I was thinking of saving for a birthday getaway in January but after moving I decided I'd put away a few rand and try to go at any time of the year. Hopefully, in the winter. I'm sure I have, in my over a hundred email drafts, a place or two I thought I would check out when I visited the city. It is now October and my travel savings have not materialised.

I also started a new job in May and my anxiety about leave and time off and being new at a company drove the idea of going somewhere right out of my mind. If there's something I miss about my old job is that, theoretically, we could have time away. 

I was so into the idea of going somewhere, ya ghel was looking at Airbnbs (I think I found less than four black-owned Airbnb properties in both PE and Durban.)

I've found myself again thinking about going somewhere new -- not in the practical savings way because money is being terrible to me right now. But in the how would I plan and navigate the new place way. Instagram is a free tool that can go a long way in helping you plan your next getaway. So here are a few tools I can think of. Some are free some aren't

south african lifestyle blog, how to use instagram as a travel tool, johannesburg travel guide

how to use instagram to plan your trip

south african lifestyle blog, how to use instagram as a travel tool, south african travel blog, johannesburg travel guide, johannesburg art gallery

south african lifestyle blog, instagram as a travel tool, johannesburg travel guide

Instagram Location Tag

The location tag on Instagram is a somewhat a minefield but it's always a good place to start if you want to to get a look at what's available in the city or town of your prospective travels. If like me, you hate crowded places, you will be able to see the places everyone is always geotagging in their posts and stay away.

The Instagram "Save" tool
Instagram sometimes comes out with amazing updates, one such is the "save" functionality which allows you to bookmark posts and even add them to collections. Since I've started seriously using the tool, I have found I take fewer screenshots of outfits I'm loving. I have an intense collection of look inspiration. 

See an Instagram post of a restaurant or museum you find interesting in the city you're hoping to visit? Just add the post to your saved posts. You can even create a city-specific "collection" of all the travel inspiration you find on Instagram.

Travel/City Hashtag
I tend to tag all my lifestyle-y or "out and about" Instagram posts with #Welcome2jozi even though it's not that active a hashtag. I think I saw the Johannesburg tourism account use it once and it stuck. Other hashtags I use are #VisitSouthAfrica, #VisitGauteng. South African Tourism has recently launched #WedoTourism but because of how generic it is, content specific to your interests might be too far down in the hashtag and hard to find. I think I've used the odd #Soweto in the past as well.

Explore and see what comes up.

Alternative Durban
Instagram is where curated feeds go to thrive, "@Alternative_Durban" is a lifestyle account that shows a different side of the city of Durban. Silindele, the curator, shares the best places to eat, have coffee and go for sundowners. If you're looking for something a little different to do eThekwini then this is just the tool for you.

south african lifestyle blog, how to use instagram as a travel tool, johannesburg travel guide

south african lifestyle blog,how to use  instagram as a travel tool, johannesburg travel guide

south african lifestyle blog, how to use instagram as a travel tool
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  1. Great tips Nomali, I'm defintely going to follow the alternative Durban account, I'm alsways looking for new places to explore in my city

    1. Yay! The Alternative Durban feed really is great. Go out there and coffee your way through your city, bbz.

      Thank you for stopping by <3

  2. LOVE the Alternative Durban feed! ✨ Also, really enjoyed this post - thank you for sharing.


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