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How to shop on Spree

Spree carry a variety of plus sizes, most of which aren't my style. I recently made my first order and return and this was the experience.

It surprises me but I've recently made my first online order of clothes. As someone who's been window shopping online locally for over five years (on Spree, Zando, Superbalist, Mr Price etc), it's surprising that it's taken me this long. For a time, there were logistics around payment processing in my life. Then Mr P shrunk its size range so I can't risk randomly shopping online there. At that same time, places like Zando and Spree just didn't have clothes I would pay for.

But for over a year now, I have consistently dropped things into my Spree cart. Of course, their full plus size range is still pretty bad but there are increasingly items I find myself eyes emojing.

This review is from the perspective of their delivery and returns service. Their website is pretty straightforward and easy to use, so I won’t much touch on navigation.

Spree Shipping Options
Spree do free shipping on orders over R250, which is a great threshold for a clothing site. After fixing my banking life (and getting my bank’s app even!) I was able to pay for my order without any fuss.

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The dress
Spree Returns
If you don’t like your spree order and alert them within 30 days of purchase, they will come and collect it. For free! I spent about a week and a half feeling bummed out about my first Spree order and debating whether I should return it and size up or just return it for a refund.

After deciding that I actually needed the dress in my life, I clicked return and the form of a refund to be “store credit,” which I immediately found out would not be sent immediately. So within minutes, I reordered the dress in a bigger size and paid for it – not with my store credit, which was paid after the dress was collected.

I did all this returning and reordering at night on 7 August and they were at my job’s reception the next morning to collect. At the same time, My other order (of the same dress) was already in motion and got to me on 10 August – a day after the holiday!

If there isn’t a holiday and you are more patient than I, I think it’s best to wait for your store credit to reflect and repurchasing after.

Of course, I do work in Johannesburg and that’s where my orders ship to so that definitely played a role in getting my item to me fast.

Have you shopped on Spree? What has been your experience?