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south african lifestyle blog, a day in bloom conference,south african lifestyle blog, a day in bloom conference

Last Saturday, smack in the middle of my hard-fought, perfect long weekend, I left the house.  Are you done gasping dramatically? Thank you. Heather had bought tickets to the Aday in Bloom conference, an even she wanted us to check out – she’d been previously. And, knowing me, knew I’d unlikely ever go unless I got an email from the ticketing place telling me that I had a ticket. That, someone, had paid for with their money. It’s very nice to be seen.

A Day In Bloom is an event series hosted by Nandi Dlepu (MamakaShaka/The WKND Social/Jo’burg cool) and her business partner Farai Simoyi. They’re events for creative women who are (low-key) working for themselves or hoping to work for themselves looking for same. Farai, from what I understand, also does the event when she’s New York and Nandi here in Jozi.

So Heather and I merrily – after she almost got lost because there was a wedding at the top of my road – made our way to Kramerville. (Yup, another reason why I would not have bothered to get tickets myself) To a cute co-working/exhibition space (I think). Heather and I used to work in Sunninghill together and Kramerville was on my taxi route. I was always like [eyes emojis] when I drove past because the area seemed v designer and cute and great for “brunch” when you are a professional bruncher.

south african lifestyle blog, gugu intimates,

gugu intimates, south african lifestyle blog,

gugu intimates, nude underwear for dark skin, south african lifestyle,a day in bloom, south african lifestyle blog,a day in bloom, south african lifestyle blog

The lineup was very bawse. They had Thandiswa! Maria McCloy! And faces I recognise from IG on their panels. The iteration of the even was bigger this time around because it was a conference version and not like the one Heather had previously attended, which was more of an intimate studio visit.

I saw Gugu Intimates merch irl. The brand is making nude underwear for dark skin tones. Their display was the first area I went to when I arrived, I asked the woman tending to the stand if there was a catalogue. There wasn’t but the owner soon came over to say she just knows what I’m wondering about and we can chat when the conference gives attendees a break. Looking at the promo material and the product on display, I had the answer to my unasked question.  So I didn’t bother her beyond that.

My only criticism of the event would be the chairs, which I wasn’t sure were fats friendly. They held. But then I’m also tall so it was a bloody mess sitting that long. I was walking around a lot. Also the food and the fact that they only brought the water (as far as I saw) after the bubbly ran out. Oh, it was VERY warm.

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a day in bloom, south african lifestyle bloga day in bloom, south african lifestyle blog
A Day in Bloom was also my chance to meet one of my internet baes, Thulisa from Thick Fit and Fabulous. What a babe! Meeting her made me realised how much getting Instagram last year has made me feel more connected to my blogger favs. Before Instagram Thulisa and I would chat every few weeks/months in the comments of each others’ blog posts. The gaps got even bigger when we took hiatuses. Now I see her face and looks and her kind words every other day. 

It was really cute being out and helping Heather smuggle Anat into Nando’s after. Check out the next A Day in Bloom event if you’re in the mood to socialise with creative women.