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As some of you may know, from twitter mostly, I bought Bonang's Bmoji app. The purchase happened in the first week of August and these are my thoughts on the app and more.

I bought the app because I’d previously been excited by the releases Amber Rose and Blac Chyna a few years back. The only catch was that I didn’t have the money then so I didn’t even check how much they cost or how they worked.

But even then, I thought these Muvamoji/Chymoji/Kimoji (and now Bmoji) were keyboard extensions like the usual emojis. Firstly, I didn't expect the Bmojis to come in an app but they do and in my the week of use that was the interface I was using. I opened up the app and sent my sister and friends a few Bmojis to let them know what's up. 
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Thoughts on Bmoji navigation + design

I sent a few of the Bmoji images to my people and my friend said: “these are glorified memes.” Which, YES. But the thing with the meme and reaction images genre is the diversity required. I’m not sure Bonang or the designers have the range.

Clicking the back button on your phone (at least on mine) when you have a “Bmoji” open closes the app instead of the image.

I really detest that fact that using Bmojis means me giving them away to others as they can save it.

Installing the keyboard extension does not change the problem of sending the Bmoji as images

While the app isn't hard to use, it's just not fun to use. I found myself getting frustrated by the clunkiness of the app. All in all the Bmoji is not intuitive.

Also, who drew and designed this thing? What were the references? Who approved the designs?
bonang bmoji review, bonang bmoji, bmoji review
Who are these people?

Five Bonang moments missing from Bmoji

I had these thoughts and a long rant discussion with one of my colleagues before getting the app because I knew that, being the "brand" she is, Bonang would likely omit a lot of important moments from the app because of the business of Bonang Matheba. I'm glad to report that "o tla nnyela Dollface" has its rightful spot on the app. Immortalised.

1. The Stina Bmoji

Look, I am pro-leaving people's relationships and pro-Zinhle in this matter but Bonang and AKA came to be the way they came to be. I know her fanbase would have enjoyed that emoji -- stan wars are real. Event non-fans would have enjoyed the use of that image. And it would have been honest. Sorry, DJ Zinhle.

2. Facebook Break Up

 A "Bonang is Single" text update would have been icon. Regardless of how wrong we got it as the public -- Silkour apparently didn't break up with her online. They'd already broken up (mutually?) IRL when the URL update happened. It also has such a specific time in history. A whole Facebook relationship status!

3. Thla thla mola

Regardless of your feelings about Bonang Matheba and what she does, there's no disputing that she has mothered the South African presenting industry, for better or worse. And there's nothing as iconic for Bonang-the-presenter as that (I'm so sorry, Batswana for the butchering I'm about to do) "nna fao o repe re tla go thlathlamola" As many big awards shows she's presented (even one on short notice!) she'll always be that Bonang.

 Overall thoughts

At the end of the day, Bmoji is more about Bonang extending her brand than it is about entertaining the consumer, so expect a wink at her collaborations: the underwear line, the book, the gowns and a nod to her new KFC collaboration. The focus on herself and not the enjoyment of the consumer is where I think the Bmoji falls short. It's why the app's downloads are so low because it doesn't feel relevant to the culture -- much like her newly-launched app.

Will I be using Bmoji on Twitter frequently? I doubt it because I'm not a fan of giving people something I paid for for free. Unless I want them to have it. It's not diverse enuf for me to use in daily WhatsApps with my people either so, there goes that R39, 99.

What's your favourite Bonang Matheba pop culture moment?

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