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An update on my skincare "routine"

It's strange, it feels like I'm just going through the motions. It's felt that way for a while now. I wake at the last possible moment, I go to work, I come back home in the dark, I go to sleep far too late, I do not die. Some days I do all the skin care things as effectively as possible. Other days, black soap and water are all I get to. Sometimes, I look up and I've forgotten to moisturise. I judge myself each time too. Thank goodness it's rare. This is what I've been doing for skin care this season/last few months.


South African beauty blogger, south African beauty blog,
[Tea tree 3-in-1 wash, scrub and mask from The Body Shop, Daily essentials toner from Nivea & Daily Essentials Day Cream]

Before I finally broke into my Corium Naturals gift, I was going through a harsh cleansing cycle. (Why do I give up on skincare in the sweaty season?) But since then, I have been using the Corium Naturals lack soap and the Body Shop tea tree 3 in 1 shandis. Both these items were gifts.

Around April, I started noticing that my face was starting to dry. The Olay fluid I loved so much in the summer was turning on me. Yes, I'm exaggerating but I knew I needed a change. I picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Day cream in combination and oily.

Until this time I'd also been (occasionally) toning with whatever was closer in leftover product (a tea tree from lush and Garnier toner). So I decided to get Nivea Daily Essentials toner for normal and combination skin. I, unfortunately, couldn't find one for sensitive skin. I'm wary of products that might be designed to strip oily skin. A love my shine.

south african beauty blogger, south african beauty blog
[Corium Naturals body butter, Dawn body lotion & Bramley tissue oil]

Again, talking about my Corium Naturals loot. In early autumn, I was excited and was ALL about my body butters. I was that girl endorsing the Corium Naturals body butter everywhere but in less than six weeks, my skin said nope. In hindsight, I think it was because the product was freezing over, which makes application NOT CUTE. Anyway, I reverted back to lotion and bought some body oils and got my skin popping again. I will definitely try to get back on the COrium Naturals body butter when it gets warmer out.

I want to try the Neutrogena hydrating range. Ngithanda izinto and I feel like my skin needs it. So if you want to be my skin care blesser, come through.