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I complain about prices. A lot. If you've read this blog more than once, especially for my "wardrobe" posts or plus size style rants then you know this. Money is very expensive and as much as I like clothes, I'm rarely sure if what I'm paying is worth the clothes. Can you tell I miss finding cute jerseys for R7 that fit me? Anyway, this is about my Christmas dress.

I found a cute, print and oversized slip-esque dress at Donna around November and, even though I hated the hemline (fuck pointed hems as a hallmark of plus size fashion, maan!) I knew I was getting it. I posted to my Instagram story saying some BS like "I don't know if..." and one of my former colleagues, Cashe, bless her, DM-ed to tell me to absolutely get it. Aside from the hem, the one reason I was a little noncommittal on the dress was the R500 price tag.

Again, my problem with stupid fast fashion as it stands for fat women is the fact that we are expected to pay so much more. Read me on this regarding the best leather skirt here. Unlike the best leather skirt, this dress wasn't really worth the amount to me. But I got it anyway because I'd been craving a slip-ish dress for my life.
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Heather, first from the internet, then from work, now from my life, likes talking about "cost per wear"  and for the most part, I just figured it's her way to rationalise the Zara shoes or Topshop trousers because it could never be me. Even if they made plus. But then, I realised she was right! 

If the quality is nice and you know you will wear the fuck out of something, why not get it in your life? Why buy three cheaper things you'll wear once because either they're not as great or they fall apart when you can buy the thing you actually want? Yes, sure, some of my best things -- ahem my winter jacket of 2016 -- cost me R30. But In this case, it worked out because the dress became my Chrismas dress. I wore it all through summer and am still wearing it even now. You've probably seen me in it.

The pictures are all so old. Remember when I had more hair?