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I posted the above lift selfie and a bunch you -- well those who follow me on twirra and IG -- were very complimentary about the look but especially the skirt. Thought I'd share the details and a smallanyana review of the skirt for those of you who are interested in getting it in your lives too.

First things first, the skirt is from Donna (fka Donna Claire). As most of you know, my biggest gripe with Donna, especially since consciously deciding to give them a fair shot and consistently window shop there, is their prices. I still believe that, for what they are, the clothes are very expensive. I think, in average, we (fat women) are expected to pay about R200 more for the same things thin women buy from the Foschini Group's other shops. 

That said, I paid the R499.00 gladly. There are just some things that, though I'm aware of the fucky ways capitalism taxes fat women and other people at the different intersections of identity, I take where I can get them because knowing that someone who's size 34 can get one at R199 will not help my parched fashion tastes. (While we're here, a few weeks earlier I tried on their v basic motor jackets and for R899, I took it off in haste.) Sometimes, I just accept that it's either get this cute thing under these trash conditions or go along not dressing like myself some more. 
south african plus size blogger, plus size leather skirt winter look, how to style a plus size leather skirt,
(Other details: Poloneck from Pep, Cardigan from Ackermans, Reebok Sneakers from Superbalist, Tights and Necklace from Jet -- everything is mostly old)

As you can see from the pictures, this skirt is a supple, luxurious texture. The oxblood colour is great for the season -- I refer you to my eternal autumn/winter feels, which leaned more on the burgundy side of things. As far as I know, this is the only colour and why would you want this glorious skirt in any other colour??? Okay, truuu, I'd also say Yas to it in green.

I took two sizes to the fitting room. While the 22 seemed like it would zip up just fine, it didn't have that thing so I sized up. On the day I wore it out for the first time, I initially hiked it way up on my waist and the front slit (kween mqhewu dem) was so high, my vulva would probably freeze. That's my one tip, in order to make the most of the dramatic slit the skirt presents, I recommended keeping the skirt just above your belly button. There's also a back slit going on.