This post is so late. I took these very early in June but never really got a chance to post because life. Part of me feels like I've been scarce around these parts but maybe it's just me, maybe I just miss posting more? Who knows. Anyway, I've been wearing these Reebok shoes a lot. 
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I received really great news today, like, I donbelieve! I cannot wait to share with those of you following me on social as soon as I can but YAAAAAS. I'm really happy. I think the news is why I'm here in the drafts of a new blog post because I have things to say that have nothing to do with it being June and my mother being dead and me not feeling the best mental health-wise currently. Anyway, here's my plus size outfit on my plus size blog. Please indulge me.

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Top - Jet, Skirt - Mpr P, Sneakers - Superbalist

Seeing this top *on* is such a strange thing for me because ever since I bought it, all I could think is that I should have sized up. Also related is the fact that I seriously don't get the slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts with American cities as the slogans. It's a little embarrassing. This is something for another blog post, one I've been sort of working on for a while, but I'm slowly changing calling it the "visible belly outline" because when is it not visible? More on that at a later date.

If you can believe it, my host company reminded me that it's nearly been a year since I got this domain. Time flies.

Thank you for checking in and checking up on me.