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On Tuesday, I was honoured to be invited to Dawn's brand relaunch at Shine Studios in Braam. For as long as I can remember, I (along with my family) have been one of those people who calls all lotion "Dawn". The brand whether physically or in memory (on those inevitable times we tried other products) has always been a presence in my beauty vocabulary. So, when I received an invitation that proclaimed that "A new Dawn is rising" my interest was piqued.

The evening was hosted by the beautiful Tembisa Mdoda. She has that thing (umtsalane) shem. She draws you in and holds you there and it was really great to watch her guide the conversation and share her own experiences and a woman with many identities, roles and dreams, navigating life.

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The radiant host, Tembisa Mdoda in white and some of her guest -- images courtesy of Dawn PR

Dawn had gathered us (bloggers, editors, beauty writers, people who have a lot of followers on the gram) to let us know that they were taking back their name. Not only that, they were putting some power behind the name Dawn. We were invited so we can spread the news and hopefully, it reaches their customers. In my case, I think it's done both.


A lot of you remember that period of unemployment -- and shopping my CV to about 10 places daily -- I lived through between July 2014 and September 2015. I remember my mother's struggles as a (very) young woman raising three girls -- along with my sister, for a time my mother raised one of my cousins. Today, through having had her (and my father's mother, my aunt and my mother's friends post-2008), my CV has matric and my diploma and the likes. These are things her CV never had but I literally learnt to write mine through watching her shop hers.

With the new brand offering, Dawn have teamed up with SAYes, and NGO that puts young people ages 14 to 25 who are currently at risk in touch with mentors. Dawn are not just telling the women using their products YouGotThis and hoping the glow from Dawn is enuf. They are actively funding and collaborating with a programme that has, for nearly seven years, shown that there is a change for the better if young people in bad situations or in need are put in touch with someone who cares.

"Our vision is to empower these young women with the tools to keep moving forward: confidence, guidance, courage and belief in their God-given abilities and talents," says Sphelel Mjadu Public Relations manager at Uniliver in a press release.
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dawn you got this, a new dawn is rising,

The event was great -- Shekhinah's set made me so happy and hearing the message and vision behind the event I'm happy to report that a new Dawn is indeed rising. They shot a gorjas brand film to go along with the relaunch, I can't find it online and I've decided the event was a preview.

PS: I still remember how gassed we were in my house when Dawn first started advertising that they'd included glycerin in their formulation.