23 May 2017

Winter Warmers at SPREE

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Edit Plus trench coat (R599 at Spree), Edit Plus cardigan (R399 at Spree), Brave Soul winter tunic (399 at Spree), Edit Plus Cloak (R680 at Spree), Edit Plus winter dress (R399 at Spree), Brave Soul puffer coat (R899 at Spree), Brave Soul jacket (R699 at Spree)

I feel like I always have something of a "wishlist" on-going basket of stuff from Spree. As much as I find a lot of their plus size stock underwhelming (have you see what they've brought over from Boohoo and Evans? Please love us, Spree.) I find myself going on there a few times a month to look. Yes, I definitely always end up adding a few things to my basket (a velvet swing dress, a lace-trimmed-cream-blazer-that-is-not-at-all-my-style-but-would-have-been-fun-to-play-with-and-cost-1000-dibas, the plisse trousers that were photographed to look like a night out, the long shirts that looked a little small).

While I constantly have all these wishlists in my Spree cart and an outfit or so in my head, I have yet to pull the trigger and actually order something, again, nothing has felt wardrobe-altering enuf for me to take the plunge. Another thing, I would hate to be disappointed by seriously tight fit or off sizing.

One note I must make about this little Spree wishlist is that grey cardigan is only here for cuteness TEE BEE H. It just doesn't look satisfying and is, in the whole list, the one thing I would not buy given the money. It's still cute tho! I'm also still very much in that CLOTHES THO WE'RE GOING TO BE OVERTAKEN BY THEM mood from weeks ago. I'm just glad I rediscovered this really ugly oakridge red "men's" cardigan I got when I was, like, 20. If you see me in it, keep walking pliz.

I hope this has given you some winter shopping (or styling) ideas and that you go forth and slay and stay warm.

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19 May 2017

Sounds Volume 1

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7 May 2017

Waiting for Them to Swipe Back

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