27 April 2017

Sneakers as Daily Uniform

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Post is in collaboration with Superbalist
For her matric dance, my sister and I ran around looking for new sneakers for the after party vibe. We had such a hard time finding the exact pair -- they were sold out in her size, even in places like Superbalist. Weeks after the dance, I saw a cute black Puma pair in store and decided it would be my usual, daily pair for this year. I'm yet to actually buy it. You know how I am with money. I'm glad to have waited because Superbalist have just dropped new sneakers. It's classics and delicious colourways galore.

Now, I'm not a "sneaker head" -- I don't deal in perceived prestige. I buy sneakers for practicality and cuteness. Dassit. But even my untrained eye is really into a few of the sneakers in the new Superbalist collection. You can view the new sneakers collection Superbalist have launched here and see my selections below.

superbalist latest sneakers, nike sneakers superbalist
Look, this kotapeya colourway is very different for me but I think it could grow on me and my wardrobe. Of all the new sneakers at Superbalist, the Nike Roshe is the one that emphasises comfort. I'm starting a new job that will include attending and covering events -- rarely glam, mostly all work. And I think this pair, with its lightness and comfort especially, is the one I'd wear. I'd justadd jeans and a work t-shirt.


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Kimberley Drew (Museummammy) recently interviewed Solange and they both had on white Reeboks. I was shook because what are the odds! Also they're crisp white. I was relieved to know that they were not on some super exclusive Black Genius wavelength to which I'll never get the frequency. The event was just sponsored.

This pastel pink Reebok Classic pair is more my speed. It's light without being white and high maintenance. I would definitely style it with midi-skirts and dresses.


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The pretty footcandy. These Seely Courts have a "masculine" edge to them and remind me of all my early sneaker decisions. I feel like they're stalking me because I've seen them (in different colourways) a few times around town. I'd save these for the summer to wear with shorts and flirty summer dresses. Winter is barely here and I'm already over it.

How do you style sneakers in your wardrobe?

Product images via Superbalist


  1. Oh my lords 😣😣😭😭😭

    I have the perfect pastel pink snapback that would go sooo perfectly with that nike pinky shoe. Yes.
    That olive green looks awesome hey. Styling it would be an interesting adrenaline rush coz it could either go really good or really bad.
    Yazi i need to to get over my fear of online shopping lol.
    I need to check out superbalist more often mos.
    Noooo no no no no no i nee to fix this. I need that shoe. Somehow!!!
    Great post Nomali!!

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. I saw that snapback and yes! I used to be very scared of shopping online too sef but we gotta do what we gotta do.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Yo, so my favorites are the Reeboks and the Adidas. I was thinking that I would invest in a new pair of kicks this season, but was trying to veer away from Nikes so these definitely put a few ideas in my head. Thanks girl!


    1. Reebok seems to be going through a rebirth in the shoes world and I'm all the way here for it. So glad I could add some inspo to your shopping. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have not been buying sneakers in a while because I bought some in excess about 4 years ago then I changed my buying habits, so one of the ones I own would need to come undone for me to buy new ones. I live within a state of FOMO but I am making sure I don't have too much of things. Your selection is beautiful.


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