1 April 2017

Lol So I Went To Sa Fashion Week

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Bata South Africa got in touch with ya ghel and they were all: we want you to experience our shoes and fashion week. After doing a thorough (nothing less than two minutes) google, I emailed back and squealed YES.

I wanted to see a few shows: Rubicon on Day Two, ERRE, Isabel De Villiers, Somerset Jane and Vintage Zionist, on Day Three. There was also D. O. P. E. on Day Four and Floyd Avenue coming up tonight -- both of which made me feel pride by proxy. Young brands by young black people moving into the mainstream is always wonderful to witness. Floyd is from my hood!
bata shoes insolia range, bata shoes south africa
bata shoes, sa fashion week ss 2017

I decided on tickets for the Day 3 18h00 show but, unfortunately, things weren't to be. Working full-time and trying to navigate that and run around town showed we once more that it takes some doing. I kept hoping that the shows would run late (it's not unheard of!) and cursing the fact that the show that interested me was so early.

Bata Shoes South Africa reached out because they wanted to share their premium Bata Insolia range with me (and you!) The wonderful thing about how the Bata Insolia shoes are made is that the toes and heels are designed to take 50-50 of your weight. The Insolia range comes in court heels (no kitten heels if yu don't want them!) and platforms. My local Bata had the Insolia platform mule heel. If you're a heel person but have struggled in the past, Insolia will keep you in your favourite heels longer.

south african plus size blogger, bata shoes, south african lifestyle blogger
I thought I knew what I was wearing but ended up changing my mind a few times. This is what I ended up settling on. My Donna trousers, an old Mr P dress and shoes and handbag c/o Bata. The face is all mine. My sister's look was amazing:

sa fashion week spring summer 2017, south african blogger,

Another reason I was excited to attend SA Fashion Week is because I'd hoped to meet Musemo from Lion Hunter. She's in the country covering SA Fashion Week for Essence Magazine -- bereka, mosadi! And I did glimpse her in an area marked "media and buyers only" but that's as far as I got. I'm no good at socialising and she's here for work so I let that dream go. Maybe next time.

We saw the A Date With A Thousand Years by Chu Yan, which was serene and bright. Flouncy sleeves, intricate pleats, huge bows and elegant draping. And a magnificent grey suit. If you're hoping to go to SA Fashion Week in the future, I'll give you one other tip (the first being get there on time and see the show you actually booked): Standby is your friend! We trusted in standby and we got to see a show.

Mphiwe and I had an even better time on the Uber home. It reminded me why I romantacise car rides.


  1. Yaaaaah biiiih. Our influenza. Our virus. Please babes we are you hosts. Hope you had a real good time. Sorry you didn't get to meet Musemo. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the range next time i find myself at a mall

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. Hahahaha, this comment made my morning! Thank you, Mvumi.

  2. Aaaaah, reading this post has given me so much joy! I'm happy for you, here's to more blog-inspired adventures (also giving me those positive vibes to keep at it myself!) The concept of the shoes is interesting too: it's really hard to find affordable heels that are comfortable in that sense. Maybe I'll be able to find them in our local Bata? They're kind of the 'it' brand for everyday shoes around here as there's almost literally a Bata store past every corner of the Nairobi CBD.

    Ok. Carry on ^^

    1. Thank you, Nadia. It's always such a lovely surprise to hear that people see the thing(s) you do. March has been not-great and I've found myself getting affirmed by people on this big internet. I'm thankful.

      YES, Bata is great for daily shoes -- their Tommy Tekkies range is amazing. I do hope you find the Insolia range near you to try.

      Thank you for always stopping by <3


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