12 April 2017

Where I Want to Do my Online Plus Size Shopping

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Without fail, when the markets report comes in on the news, I check where the Rand is trading. In recent years, I've gotten more obsessed with the exchange rate because whenever the Rand reaches lower R13s to the dollar, I convince myself that I could indulge in some online plus size shopping. And by "online," I've mostly meant Asos dot com. With the pound having been relatively low, I darde to go to the British Asos website and put two items on my "saved" list -- convinced that once I finished paying for my sofa that I have on lay-buy, I could get something nice that's in my size and makes me feel cute. But now the Rand is (Chanel #1 voice) super weak -- it's gross! And the pound is climbing so my online plus size shopping dreams are on hold once more.


Eloquii is relatively new on the retail scene and it's probably the brand that's pushing boundaries the most. As far as online plus size shopping, or plus size shopping of any kind, Eloquii should be used by plus size brands as a blueprint. My first clear encounter with the brand was in 2015 when they unveiled their extended line. Not only had they extended their already plus line to be more inclusive (American sizes 26 and 28) but they actually had models who wear those sizes. 

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I feel like I haven't been able to escape Elvi for at least six months now. Everywhere I turn, there the brand is with its cute clothes. I also think this was because I read quite a few UK plus size blogs and Elvi's influencer game is strong. Their prices seem average enuf to my untrained eye and their pieces are always stunning.

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I found out about Pink Clove because their SEO company got in touch with me last year to offer me an item. 1. I couldn't choose! 2. The person didn't email me back and I'm still sad. To me, Pink Clove feels like if Mr P was online only and sold plus sizes. It's young but there's also the hint that 16 - 26-year-olds also go to dinners, events and work jobs where crop tops aren't an acceptable dress code.

There's also Monki, which isn't a plus size store but carries plenty of oversize items that many plus size people swear by. Then there's Navabi, which I really enjoy. It's on the Grown and sexy side and the prices show. They sell other brands too. there's Torrid, which is having a magnificent swim season and the shop I always think about when it comes to bras. Lane Bryant has done interesting work in the space of activewear with their recent campaign. JC Penny seems like they're making strides, especially with Ashley Nell Tipton at boutique there. Do I even have to mention Asos again?

Yes, I'm never not going through my crisis of faith in clothes and fast fashion but this has been in the back of my mind for months. Each time I visit the Spree plus size section and there's one decent item and everything stops at 48.

Featured image from the Eloquii extended sizes lookbook.

What's on your online plus size shopping wish list?

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    Ugh, You know what babes, I've just stopped looking at these sites. Its just torture nje. But asos needs to make it way into my life.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni


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