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I saw a pale pink (midi-ish skirt and short-sleeve top) plisse combo. The two-piece cost less than 200 but I couldn't make myself go there. Yes, I probably could find a size but it seemed a little frivolous since I mostly just wanted to make an outfit post of the look and not much more. The combo reminded my of my dad's mum -- always stylish and breezy. It also played into my pleats thirst.

Months later, on the sale rack, I found these plisse bottoms in the most delicious colour for autumn and winter. But even then I still wasn't sure if they're practical.

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Plisse trousers - Fashion World, Crewneck - Thrifted, Shoe - Jet, 

Before I bought these trousers, I had another plisse pair from Evans in my Spree cart for months and months. There's just no way I would spend nearly 700 on trousers, no matter how great they look on the (sadly not visibly plus) model. Heather got some Zara (or some other such shop) ones in a cropped length and they looked ace. So ace, I spent most of the week routinely checking my cart on Spree.

When I got these at Fashion World -- the first pink combo was also from there -- for 19.99 I knew I had to get them, even if their wearability was still in question. They have proven their comfort levels to be 💯. I'm starting a new job this week and I'm sort of worried I won't be able to stop myself wearing them all the time.

My crewneckk, which I thrifted last year, which saw me the winter and other emotions, has been through quite a few things and it shows. I still love it tho. The shoes are my absolute favourite finds! I can pretend to be a luxe bbz. They are, however, on the narrow side and I'm out of practice with wearing push-ins.

I will definitely be wearing these plisse trousers with sneakers as much as I can. With tights underneath when it gets colder.

What are your thoughts on the pleats and plisse and the like?