5 April 2017

Olay Complete Beauty Fluid

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I have been looking for Simple moisturisers for a while now. If about- two-years is a while. The thing I liked most about the brand was that it was really loose and simple. Everything else has felt creamy and greasy -- a breeding ground for the sweats. If you have also been looking for a moisturiser for oily skin, I have great news for you. This Olay Complete beauty fluid has beeing that answer for me. It might be for you too.

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The important similarity between the Olay Complete day fluid and the moisturiser I'd been pining after is certainly the lightness. Even on days when I've found myself slightly (or a lot) sweaty because I'm human and the African sun is a thing, I haven't felt the grossness that comes with these creams and lotion things.

The second selling point for me was the SPF15 content. I've had trouble using sunscreen (read I've never used sunscreen) and I've been thinking it's time to get started. that was probably two years ago. My conundrum was the fact that most sunscreens seem to be CREAM or LOTION, which I think we've all established I don't get on well with. I have thought life would be better if vaseline (vaseline) had SPF.  SPF15 isn't that high but this has felt like a sort of start and made me feel like I'm doing something.

It may be tiny but the Olay Complete day fluid packs an absolute punch. A drop or two each morning and I'm well-moisturised. I've been using the one I have for over two months now, which compensates for the R90.00 price tag for a 50ml bottle.

TL;DR: The Olay Complete day fluid has kept me hydrated and my skin certainly feels better for it. It's not greasy and though small, it's worth the money.


  1. This sounds goid hey. Yazi kunzima kanjani to find a good spf moisturiser that won't get all tacky during the day, coz maritzbur will get HOT you here me. Yho! Noma you get that dry with thatll make you end up looking ashy af 😢😢. Mara umuntu ubroke ngeyona ndlela so i can't say I'lk give a try. I'll just file it in my brain somewhere.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. Ghel don't I know that feeling. Kuzoba right kube bright

  2. Ayye! I'm happy that you found a moisturizer with SPF that works for you and your skin! This might be a good alternative to the sunscreen I currently use. Even though I like to look dewy from my oil that I use as moisturizer, I find that I don't like the double greasiness that happens once I put the sunscreen on top of that. Thanks for the rec girl!

    1. Yes, love the dewy look! Sometimes it goes so wrong for me tho. What oil do you use? Glad you found the post helpful


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