8 April 2017

Awkward Sunflower

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 I don't wear this dress enuf. I always think that each time I take it out to wear. Then the reason comes: One button fell out in the bust -- it's safe in a buttons holder and another inevitably follows -- but I'm yet to put them all back on. I thrifted it early last year when my ngoja had many summer dresses come in. 

Thrifted dress, C/O Bata shoes and bag

Recently, I've been overthinking clothes. I see a lot of clothes during my commute to work (especially in the morning) and I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I spot things from a moving taxi and start thinking about them in outfits. Of course, none of these clothes actually come in my size. All my clothes are old -- I'm talking when Mr P's Insync Curve was still a thing old -- but I still feel like I'm in a constant cycle of buy. March wans't a great month for mental health and it's fitting that I had anxiety about "fast fashion" and how disposable it all is (even though I can't fit into most of it). When it rains it pour and all that, worry about all the things.

Of course, I'm probably experiencing these feelings because I haven't successfully thrifted for myself in months. Thrifting, the "reuse" quality of it, certainly makes me feel a little better about the buy buy buy frenzy that sometimes takes over my brain. I think my store (still closed) and all its merchandise filling up my life if part of why these feelings happen.

Perhaps, to singal that the month of madness had ended, I found myself lusting after a pair of satin and lace shorts a Donna. I still haven't stopped putting them in imaginary outfits. My wallet stayed in my bag (thank, goodness) and I didn't feel myself get anxious about clothes and landfills. 

I noticed that the dress had redundant buttons on the sleeves and resolved to use the to mend the front. I'm getting to it. And, hopefully, I'll be able to wear it more this year.

My face in these pictures was doing its own thing. The lipstick is from Ackermans and love it -- view a better shot of it here. Yeah, month was an anxoius month.

What are you wearing or thinking about buying lately?


  1. I'm glad you made it out of march hey. Sending good vibes. How fast fashions move really does add pressure to clothes shopping. alaways gotta make sure you can style an item a nymbe of different ways. I love the print on that dress. I'm also peeping those shoes, are they from Bata? they give a nice vintagey feel to the fit. make me wanna put one of Buhle's hats on you. (the soil) and some pearls you can clutch in that last picture you're sitting down in. I also love the purse.
    i miss iingoja. I still haven't found any in PMB. i used to flourish in DBN.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. Thank you, Mvumi. March was a ting shame. I'm still woozy from it but a tad hopeful. I have many a feel about fast fashion and the internet (few bloggers actually wear their clothes). Yes, the shoes are Bata.

      Here's to hoping you find ingoja soon.

  2. ive been thinking about big silk shirts and oversized pullovers and trench coats and baggy slacks a lot. i wanna create a consistent look with these items but im not sure where to start looking for them. i also want gold teeth. badly.

    but this dress is beautiful. and the mustard shoes and black bag accompanying it in these shots is a LOOK.

    1. Ah, the uniform. At least trnch season is coming so maybe we should do another date lol. The gold teeth are yours. No doubt.

      Thank you! I felt nice in the look.

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how annoyed I am about the cancellation of the Insync Curve line at Mr Price. Even though some of the items still fit me in the extended range, it is still not the same. I have however found some great things at Jet. As for fast fashion - I really can't justify my love/hate relationship with it and it definitely is my biggest motivation for my field of study... that and the fact that there are not much stand out pieces for plus size women here in SA.

    Btw you look gorgeous!

    1. That was SUCH a step in the wrong direction for them -- a step very far back, tbh. I wrote long about how ugly and disrespectful the Insync curve line was but I am still very bummed it was scraped in favour of two pieces a season in size 44. Jet has come through for me in recent months but I have questions for them too.

      I hope you have a line when you graduate and you dress us all fatties stylishly.


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