I remember saying, out loud, that the cold water he put in the bathtub was too much. The cold water, compared to the big pot of hot water -- maybe even boiling water -- would create a lukewarm bath in my mind. So, I told him so.

Chiron, young and neglected by his mother who is a drug addict, has to do a lot for himself and by himself. In one scene she even brags that he's usually very good at taking care of himself. This iteration of Chiron was my favourite. I don't know, maybe I got too attached to that little scowling face. The vaseline glow.

I keep thinking about him. As a career-lonely teen (is this even a thing a 25-year-old woman should say? Shit, I'm 25) I related to him as a teen, the loneliness was familiar. I was happy for the older Chiron because he made a life for himself, seemed in control, seemed happy-ish. (or not scared anymore.) But I think about Little the most. I wonder how he didn't stop, what did he find in himself that kept him more just going but himself. I'm thankful for Juan. I think about Little and I want to stop him having lukewarm baths.

I've seen Moonlight and I absolutely loved it. I want to see it again but I doubt I'll be able to. It was expensive. It might no longer be in cinemas by the time I can go again etc. Go see it if you can.