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I don't know about you, but Corium Naturals, a brand of beauty and skincare products that are naturally made, has been all the rage on my Twitter timeline. That's what you get when you come through for black women. I was recently #blessed enuf to be gifted a Corium Naturals starter pack. Woza autumn.

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For my birthday, and because they are very amazing and wanted to send me a care package just nje, my friends, Kgomotso and Busi, sent me a Corium Naturals bundle. Support a black business while showing ubbz you like some love, two birds. I really do love receiving packages and to say I was excited when I saw it on my desk at work, would be putting it mildly.

If you love packages like I do then then you will be pleased to know that the Corium Naturals packaging did not disappoint. I may have shaken the box a few times. In the simple boxed package were four 100ml butters and a bar of African black soap. Yas. I've wanted to try black soap for a while now and, last year, opted for charcoal bars from Lush when I went there with people from my job.

- Zesty Lemongrass & Grapefruit (which sounds delicious)
- Pampering Rose Blend
- Sensitive and Allergen Free
-  Calming Aloe & Mint

I'll probably give the calming aloe and mint one to my sister because she recently had an allergic reaction (dunno to what) and while the bumps have gone, she's still sensitive. Dunno how I didn't think of it until now lol. 

I must say, as someone who's used to izipakupaku of lotion, the small containers threw me a little. Like, should I use it on my hands or lips? But as I'm learning from my new moisturiser (post coming eventually) a little goes a long way.

From what I've gathered on Twitter, the Corium Naturals range includes body butters, soaps and natural beauty serums for things such as breakouts. 

These are my first impressions of Corium Naturals. I'm thinking of doing reviews as I use the products (or once I've used most of them) -- let me know if you would be interested. The African black soap has beeen calling my name.

Thank you to the Two Witches for my goodies! Love you.