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Me: I want to post more outfits this year 

Also me: geeez you posted an outfit just the other week the fuck, relax.

[10 years later]

There are currently two things I feel are true for me when it comes to clothes  ATM: I keep saying the same thing and all my A/W dreams are coming true. Last year, I did a vibes post for how I wanted to dress and the clothes that would get me there. There were burgundys, burnt oranges and loads of ribbed. I didn't think I would be able to find many of the items on the list. And I didn't. Until, suddenly, things just started finding me.

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Thrifted shirt and vest, Mr P skirt, Jet shoes

This skirt found me in Mr Price during their January sale. A week or so later, a fatigue shirt (it's actually a vest) dress found me at Jet. There were (VELVETY) burgundy pumps so good -- until the rain got to them -- that the R40.00 felt like a steal. It was a steal. There's even a handbag in the mix! It's a shade of brown, fake leather and it has a clasp and everything. I know I said I wasn't looking for a handbag but isn't that just how love goes?
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The other thing I keep thinking about is that it seems I'm always saying the same thing. I spend months without going into Mr Price because it doesn't feel right to give them my money when they implicitly refuse to make clothes for fat people. Then when I go, I find a skirt with an elasticated band like the one I'm wearing here. Or this one, which was a size 14 and gets uncomfortable after a long day. Or I learn that their tops fit me and that I can squeeze into their trousers.

The squeezing upsets me. Feeling relieved and that "at least" when one ugly thing -- not in your size -- fits you in a store. And what about those who go from store to store and find nothing? And we are not even at the stage of asking for styling, well-made pieces. Just a foot in the door...

It's tiring. Should I do an update on my A/W mood post?

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