28 February 2017

Leopard Print Boots

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I stalked these boots for weeks before I bought this pair. I wasn't sure about the heel -- me in this outfit and doing a two-taxi commute was the most I've done while wearing heels. But the first day out with them proved to be a success and I'm glad I didn't find them totally gone the day I finally decided they belonged in my life. 

south african plus size blogger, south african plus size blog, ackermans boots,how to wear plus size leopard print
ackermans boots, leopard print ankle boots, how to style plus size denim

Cardigan - Pep, Vest - Mr P, Jeans - Jet, Boots - c/o Ackermans, Bag - My sister inherited it from a friend of hers
south african plus size blogger, how to style plus size denim and leopard print
Another new thing in my clothing life is that I took the plunge and bought my third pair of jeans. While I have found home in my plus size jeans from Jet, I've been reluctant to buy another pair because none have been my style. I saw these and I was very convinced that I deserved the rips. At least. Shopping for clothes tends to feel rather tedious to me because retailers are often (or by default) very underwhelming. People whose job it is to clothe people (including fat people!!!) have boring ideas about what that means.

I have worn this cardigan/waterfall thing frequently since buying it sometime last year. but I can't say I like it all that much. It's just something that I wear because. The modes of wearing this cardigan come in three types: When I'm a little chilly, when I don't know wtf I'm doing or when I'm feeling bad about my arms. No, not the bigness. But when I wore it here, I thought it would work very well with the ~look~. I was correct :)

Well, I suppose that the big (non-) news is that I finally cut my hair. I'd been itching to do it for a year and a bit now. Or, if I'm being really real, since the last time I'd cut it. 

Glad to be posting on my internet blog again!


  1. yo. tell me about that purse. I don't know why i want to know about it coz I'm a backpack girl but its worth checking out. cute boots yo. Also about that cardigan just coz life man. very few instances where it actually works into an outfit.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. It's very old. My sister inherited the from someone, not sure what shop it was from -- likely Mr Price.

      Thank you ntombi!


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