28 February 2017

Leopard Print Boots

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15 February 2017

Ackermans Bigger Bra Sizes


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The history of me writing about Ackermans new, bigger bra sizes, like most things, started with me making cultural commentary inspired by an advert to my sister. She's so patient. After seeing the ad for Aackermans bigger bra sizes I wondered out loud how much bigger the sizes could possibly because all the models in the commercial had average sized breasts. Don't get me started on plus size modelling.

What I learnt in store (several because I had dreams) is that Ackermans have expanded their bra sizing in the right direction. And it's a great start.

13 February 2017

Business Casual

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When I first saw these trousers on the Donna (no Claire) Facebook page I already had a stripey track top I'd gotten but wasn't wearing much because it had ended up tighter that I would have liked. In my mind, I was already planning an outfit where I'd wear the two together. As a power suit. As you do. But when I saw these pinstripe trousers in store -- almost R500? -- I could not. No, ma'am! Luckily for me, they eventually landed in the sale where I got them for R200. 

The first time I wore them out, I added to my Instagram story that I was just a 90s bae (come thruu all the women of Living Single I don't know by name because I'm yet to watch it!) just trying to handle her business. I felt a little powerful that morning as I made that joke. Like a fat Diddy I mean Puffy, I felt like I was serving mogul realness and you girls better queue right up.

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9 February 2017

Black Joy

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On the first day of America's Black History month, Beyoncé Giselle Knowless-Carter gave to the world, some joy. Through an Instagram post, Beyoncé let the world know that she's pregnant again.  Not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins. Two more Beyoncé babies. As is to be expected, black women (and other people adjacent to the Hive aka people who aren't cis heterosexual men) were overjoyed.

If Beyoncé is pregnant, then I'm pregnant!

3 February 2017

Orange is the New Bae

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Me: I want to post more outfits this year 

Also me: geeez you posted an outfit just the other week the fuck, relax.

[10 years later]

There are currently two things I feel are true for me when it comes to clothes  ATM: I keep saying the same thing and all my A/W dreams are coming true. Last year, I did a vibes post for how I wanted to dress and the clothes that would get me there. There were burgundys, burnt oranges and loads of ribbed. I didn't think I would be able to find many of the items on the list. And I didn't. Until, suddenly, things just started finding me.

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