Shopping, when you are fat and plus size lines are uninteresting, as has been true of my experiences, is a long game of disappointment and compromise. Lucky for me, I learnt very early on to not let labels or shame get in the way of wearing things I want to wear. The South African plus size offering has trained we well to get what I want where I can. So the plus size section is terrible but the maternity aisle has good options? Sign me up! 

This lovely top I'm wearing? It's a dress from Jet's Network label in a size 40. 

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I'm glad I'm not ashamed that some dresses, because brands refuse to make things in bigger sizes and longer lengths, fit like tops when I get my body in them. I'm not ashamed that, sometimes, a maternity garment will fit my not pregnant body well and I will wear it. We don't have to be smaller, brands just need to do better. 

This look, without planning, became a Jet outfit and that's fine. In my most recent Jet shopping size has seemed to be a recurring theme. When I found these sandals, I spent about half an hour walking around the shop and agonising. They fit alright but they were a seven. I'm and eight! (And at other places  I have to get a nine *cough* Mr Price! *cough*) This made me stress unnecessarily but I ended up getting the shoes in a size smaller. The on;y drawback with my dress top is that it wrinkles. I had actually ironed it here -- and I'm not an ironer!

Let's just all shop outside of our size lanes more. I'm going to write soon about why trying to shop outside my size lane at anti-plus size stores frustrates me, though. For balance and to hear everyone's experiences.

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Top, Jeans, Shoes - Jet

Sidebar: if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you probably already know my feelings on ELLE south Africa's Mokgadi Semenya cover. The styling is beautiful, the photography is amazing but the profile is soulless. Honestly, I wish a black womxn had been involved in the story. Mokgadi deserves much better than surface level things. Anyway, did you see her white wedding photos??? Please call me, sis, I would like to interview you.

I want to thank everyone for your kind words on my previous post. Thank you always for reading.

Did you buy the issue? What were your thoughts?