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In December, I walked into a store where I had no intentions of spending my money (other than maybe buying a thing of jojoba oil for my hair)  and came across Freeman, a skincare brand that came highly by one of the best skincare people/beauty writers on these webs. Ghel knows what she's talking about. She's so good I wish we were able to send our skin away and get it beautified by people who know and get it back nice and smooth. This is so graphic. Wow. But yay! Freeman beauty masks are available in South Africa.

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The whole line of Freeman beauty masks sounds so delicious: banana and oats, chocolate and strawberry and avocado, pomegranate and lemon are some of their most used ingredients. 

I found this lot of Freeman masks at a Dischem near my job emasabhabh'. I was so happy that I went into a slight panic mode. The shelf in front of me was full but which mask would be best as my first from the brand? The beauty writer recommended the activated charcoal one but I couldn't find one in the full size or minis. 

In the end, I went with the ACV activated clay because I thought it would have an impressive effect and result on my skin. I bought the Freeman apple cider vinegar 4-1 as a full size and bought three other minis. I bought two mint and lemon clay mask as well as one cucumber peel off. I've used one of the mint and lemons -- the pack is generous, you can get between 3 - 4 facials from it. I used it three times and had to throw it away because it was drying up.

I haven't tried the peel off. I can't wait! I actually don't know why I've saved it this long. I have found the apple cider vinegar clay (the one I bought in a full size and have used quite a bit now) helpful. I've written here before about my one embarrassing skincare issue and it really helps! It must be that clay.

Pricing: R92 for the full size and R27 for the minis. 

Best part: They are available online at Dis-chem! So even if your local Dis-chem doesn't stock the line for some reason, you can grab it online now.

I can't wait to try the activated charcoal.