Dawn Want You to Know #YouGotThis

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On Tuesday, I was honoured to be invited to Dawn's brand relaunch at Shine Studios in Braam. For as long as I can remember, I (along with my family) have been one of those people who calls all lotion "Dawn". The brand whether physically or in memory (on those inevitable times we tried other products) has always been a presence in my beauty vocabulary. So, when I received an invitation that proclaimed that "A new Dawn is rising" my interest was piqued.

About my New Skirt

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I posted the above lift selfie and a bunch you -- well those who follow me on twirra and IG -- were very complimentary about the look but especially the skirt. Thought I'd share the details and a smallanyana review of the skirt for those of you who are interested in getting it in your lives too.

March, April and May Have Been the Longest Year

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It's almost June. It's June. With the significance the month holds in my life, often I feel like each time I look up it's almost June. Or just after June. Which mostly means it never ends. Each day, I have a dead mother. Some days I'm better at dealing with it than others.

Winter Warmers at SPREE

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Sounds Volume 1

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There’s nothing that comforts or “soothes” me quite like listening to a song I enjoy until each of the beats feels like the hair on my arms.  I’ve previously spoken about my music and sound traditions in the context of my daily commute. These are three songs (and a mix) I love and you might too.

Waiting for Them to Swipe Back

I'm on Tinder. I've been passively swiping since, maybe, Feb. Just for something to do in the hours when idlozi of self-sabotage is flexing strong within me. I mean, why be writing Awhen I can just lie in bed and scroll after work. What output is better than swiping left while listening to my sister's stories/gasping at Uzalo or whatever I'm doing in the evening? Productivity is not my moral obligation.

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Plisse Wine

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I saw a pale pink (midi-ish skirt and short-sleeve top) plisse combo. The two-piece cost less than 200 but I couldn't make myself go there. Yes, I probably could find a size but it seemed a little frivolous since I mostly just wanted to make an outfit post of the look and not much more. The combo reminded my of my dad's mum -- always stylish and breezy. It also played into my pleats thirst.

Months later, on the sale rack, I found these plisse bottoms in the most delicious colour for autumn and winter. But even then I still wasn't sure if they're practical.

Sneakers as Daily Uniform

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Post is in collaboration with Superbalist
For her matric dance, my sister and I ran around looking for new sneakers for the after party vibe. We had such a hard time finding the exact pair -- they were sold out in her size, even in places like Superbalist. Weeks after the dance, I saw a cute black Puma pair in store and decided it would be my usual, daily pair for this year. I'm yet to actually buy it. You know how I am with money. I'm glad to have waited because Superbalist have just dropped new sneakers. It's classics and delicious colourways galore.

What Numbers Mean

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Some time in March, I tweeted that I wanted to be nominated for the Mail and Guardian young 200 thing. Yes, in 2017, bandla. And if you've even ever glanced at my twitter, you've likely seen me joking about wanting to be an influenza. Mostly, it's jokes. But perceived reach means much more than my thoughtful culture, fat acceptance, plus size fashion pieces.

Where I Want to Do my Online Plus Size Shopping

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Without fail, when the markets report comes in on the news, I check where the Rand is trading. In recent years, I've gotten more obsessed with the exchange rate because whenever the Rand reaches lower R13s to the dollar, I convince myself that I could indulge in some online plus size shopping. And by "online," I've mostly meant Asos dot com. With the pound having been relatively low, I darde to go to the British Asos website and put two items on my "saved" list -- convinced that once I finished paying for my sofa that I have on lay-buy, I could get something nice that's in my size and makes me feel cute. But now the Rand is (Chanel #1 voice) super weak -- it's gross! And the pound is climbing so my online plus size shopping dreams are on hold once more.

Awkward Sunflower

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 I don't wear this dress enuf. I always think that each time I take it out to wear. Then the reason comes: One button fell out in the bust -- it's safe in a buttons holder and another inevitably follows -- but I'm yet to put them all back on. I thrifted it early last year when my ngoja had many summer dresses come in. 

Olay Complete Beauty Fluid

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I have been looking for Simple moisturisers for a while now. If about- two-years is a while. The thing I liked most about the brand was that it was really loose and simple. Everything else has felt creamy and greasy -- a breeding ground for the sweats. If you have also been looking for a moisturiser for oily skin, I have great news for you. This Olay Complete beauty fluid has beeing that answer for me. It might be for you too.

Lol So I Went To Sa Fashion Week

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Bata South Africa got in touch with ya ghel and they were all: we want you to experience our shoes and fashion week. After doing a thorough (nothing less than two minutes) google, I emailed back and squealed YES.

Corium Naturals First Impressions

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I don't know about you but Corium Naturals, a brand of beauty and skincare products that are naturally made, has been all the rage on my Twitter timeline. That's what you get when come through for black women. I was recently #blessed enuf to be gifted a Corium Naturals starter pack. Woza autumn.

The Meaning of GC from Uzalo

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A few weeks ago, I came back from work early-ish to catch Hulisani (fka Cece) Ravele on TV in the early evening. When last! It wasn't Yotv -- it's not 2007 anymore or that year we all knew she (and Carly, and Sade, and Sipho etc) was definitely too old to be doing that. Instead, I was just on time to see the last half of Afternoon Express, the cringe-worthy Woolworths-Revlon-Rooibos etc infomercial hosted by Jeannie D., Bonnie Mbuli (whom I love), Danilo Acquisto and, occasionally, Bonang Matheba.

They were interviewing youth presenters and people who "grew up" on television. Acquisto introduced Ayanda Makuzeni (his former Hectic Nine-9 colleague), a black god. I watched as they went through the interview questions and I wanted to bottle the moment up. I sent inadequate voice clips to my friend Sabelosami through WhatsApp. I DM Sabelosami most of Makuzeni's posts on Instagram, so I knew he was my target market for this content too. What stood out for me was how clear Makuzeni's vision was to him: He's been unapologetically himself (black, gay, femme) on his television show aimed at youth (13 - 20, maybe) because he knows there are boys who are just like him but not nearly enuf Ayanda Makuzeni's represented in media. 

The existence of Ayanda Makuzeni in his capacity as a presenter, to me, someone who consumes and critiques culture, closely related to the existence of the character of GC on Uzalo


I remember saying, out loud, that the cold water he put in the bathtub was too much. The cold water, compared to the big pot of hot water -- maybe even boiling water -- would create a lukewarm bath in my mind. So, I told him so.

Chiron, young and neglected by his mother who is a drug addict, has to do a lot for himself and by himself. In one scene she even brags that he's usually very good at taking care of himself. This iteration of Chiron was my favourite. I don't know, maybe I got too attached to that little scowling face. The vaseline glow.

I keep thinking about him. As a career-lonely teen (is this even a thing a 25-year-old woman should say? Shit, I'm 25) I related to him as a teen, the loneliness was familiar. I was happy for the older Chiron because he made a life for himself, seemed in control, seemed happy-ish. (or not scared anymore.) But I think about Little the most. I wonder how he didn't stop, what did he find in himself that kept him more just going but himself. I'm thankful for Juan. I think about Little and I want to stop him having lukewarm baths.

I've seen Moonlight and I absolutely loved it. I want to see it again but I doubt I'll be able to. It was expensive. It might no longer be in cinemas by the time I can go again etc. Go see it if you can.

Leopard Print Boots

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I stalked these boots for weeks before I bought this pair. I wasn't sure about the heel -- me in this outfit and doing a two-taxi commute was the most I've done while wearing heels. But the first day out with them proved to be a success and I'm glad I didn't find them totally gone the day I finally decided they belonged in my life. 

Ackermans Bigger Bra Sizes


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The history of me writing about Ackermans new, bigger bra sizes, like most things, started with me making cultural commentary inspired by an advert to my sister. She's so patient. After seeing the ad for Aackermans bigger bra sizes I wondered out loud how much bigger the sizes could possibly because all the models in the commercial had average sized breasts. Don't get me started on plus size modelling.

What I learnt in store (several because I had dreams) is that Ackermans have expanded their bra sizing in the right direction. And it's a great start.

Business Casual

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When I first saw these trousers on the Donna (no Claire) Facebook page I already had a stripey track top I'd gotten but wasn't wearing much because it had ended up tighter that I would have liked. In my mind, I was already planning an outfit where I'd wear the two together. As a power suit. As you do. But when I saw these pinstripe trousers in store -- almost R500? -- I could not. No, ma'am! Luckily for me, they eventually landed in the sale where I got them for R200. 

The first time I wore them out, I added to my Instagram story that I was just a 90s bae (come thruu all the women of Living Single I don't know by name because I'm yet to watch it!) just trying to handle her business. I felt a little powerful that morning as I made that joke. Like a fat Diddy I mean Puffy, I felt like I was serving mogul realness and you girls better queue right up.

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Black Joy

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On the first day of America's Black History month, Beyoncé Giselle Knowless-Carter gave to the world, some joy. Through an Instagram post, Beyoncé let the world know that she's pregnant again.  Not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins. Two more Beyoncé babies. As is to be expected, black women (and other people adjacent to the Hive aka people who aren't cis heterosexual men) were overjoyed.

If Beyoncé is pregnant, then I'm pregnant!

Orange is the New Bae

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Me: I want to post more outfits this year 

Also me: geeez you posted an outfit just the other week the fuck, relax.

[10 years later]

There are currently two things I feel are true for me when it comes to clothes  ATM: I keep saying the same thing and all my A/W dreams are coming true. Last year, I did a vibes post for how I wanted to dress and the clothes that would get me there. There were burgundys, burnt oranges and loads of ribbed. I didn't think I would be able to find many of the items on the list. And I didn't. Until, suddenly, things just started finding me.

I Bought Red Trousers

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January was not bad. We ate, I started thinking about Port Elizabeth, I sent pitches. But I don't know. This -- the way I live -- doesn't seem, to me, the way that life should be. Was I really born to stress about the things I stress about, cry for what I cry for and be tired through it all? It all seems so trivial.

So I bought red trousers.

Freeman Beauty Masks Available in South Africa

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In December, I walked into a store where I had no intentions of spending my money (other than maybe buying a thing of jojoba oil for my hair)  and came across Freeman, a skincare brand that came highly by one of the best skincare people/beauty writers on these webs. Ghel knows what she's talking about. She's so good I wish we were able to send our skin away and get it beautified by people who know and get it back nice and smooth. This is so graphic. Wow. But yay! Freeman beauty masks are available in South Africa.

You do what you want when you are popping

Shopping, when you are fat and plus size lines are uninteresting, as has been true of my experiences, is a long game of disappointment and compromise. Lucky for me, I learnt very early on to not let labels or shame get in the way of wearing things I want to wear. The South African plus size offering has trained we well to get what I want where I can. So the plus size section is terrible but the maternity aisle has good options? Sign me up! 

This lovely top I'm wearing? It's a dress from Jet's Network label in a size 40. 

On Surviving 2016

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Sawubona. It's 2017 and I'm still alive. You are too. We are still here. Today, I am 25. The older I get, the more I realise how I seemingly didn't imagine being much older than 21. Okay, when I was 14, I wanted to have a TV show by the time I was 22. But that was about it.

2016 was not a good year. Tbh, at this point, I don't know what good years look like, or how they feel. But the years I've been having are absolutely not how I want good years to feel. 2016 was not my worst year: I kept a job, I paid my rent, we ate at an almost-normal frequency, we moved. Mphiwe and I even started our (very) infrequent movie outings. There were instances of restorative (moments that kept me rolling out of bed in the morning) comfort.
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