26 November 2016

What to Do in Soweto

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Things to do in Soweto away from Vilakazi Street

16 November 2016

How Earphones Help Me Navigate Public Spaces

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I'm coming up to three weeks of navigating the world without earphones. The pair that came with my current phone seems to have disappeared to where beloved things go. I wasn't too upset when I realised because only one earphone was still working at that point. But this sudden disappearance has meant that I'm commuting and walking in a way that might suggest that I'm more interested in engagement than I actually am. When in doubt, assume I'm not. Truthfully, people merely being in your orbit does not automatically mean they want to talk to you.

4 November 2016

What it’s Like to Wear a Crop Top With a big Belly

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Fat-acceptance is not a destination. I always think that these are my best days body love-wise but then I catch myself at an angle in the mirror at my work toilet and I mutter something like “wtf, stomach?” I have accepted those days as part of the package. Maybe it would be great to be able to live without any doubt regarding my fat body. (No maybe about it, tbh.) But this doubt says, in a small way, that I’m human. Even with that lapse, I still believe I am a good person and that my body as it looks is a good body to be in. Even with my belly doing the most.

1 November 2016

5 Things Moving Has Taught Me

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we were finally able to move to a bigger space – a house! Well, on Saturday was a whole month since three dudes piled everything into a bakkie – to my disbelief – and drove a few kilometers to where my sister and I now live. A month, sbali! This is what I've learnt about myself and other stuff. Realising things, bbz.
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