25 July 2016

Being a Person on the Internet

I don't think of myself as outright "likeable." I'm kind, I'm funny, I can be helpful and friendly.  A big chunk of the time I'm prickly at best. I can be withdrawn and that's my best mode. I sink into myself like an old, comfortable couch and the world disappears. I'm not nice, which you know is rarely acceptable on a woman, even less when you are black. This is not how you get people to care about your blog (or other work).

20 July 2016

The Foxy Five: A Celebration of Intersectionality that Falls a Little Short

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The net has opened up opportunities for marginalized storytellers around the world. Daily, hundreds of thousands of digital natives watch, read and listen to stories that would have otherwise gone untold had it not been for the (debatably) accessible platforms the internet has made possible. I’ve watched close to half a dozen young black people from around the world talking about life, blackness in an anti-black society and belonging while the London-based filmmaker Cecile Emeke trained her lens on them. Emeke is also the brain behind the short film (and six-part web series) Ackee and Saltfish about two best friends. It’s that simple, just two black girls being.

17 July 2016

How to Waste a Tuesday Night in Johannesburg

From the old JHB Hive when I went to see The Honey.

Johannesburg winters are terrible. Even when they're mild. In the evenings after work (and through my two taxis), I keep my head down and imagine my house socks on my feet. My bra off. Warm.
Last Tuesday, I delayed this joy because a friend and I wanted to see an artistic director and visual artist "in conversation" with an arts editor.

10 July 2016

Protective Style Moisturising

How I have been keeping my scalp not dry while my hair is in braids (twists protective styling).

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My scalp can get very dry. In fact, it has been itchy and dryness ville up in there. There was a patch so dry one time that, if I didn't know for a fact that my last relaxer was during that bad decision in 2012, I would have thought my scalp was suffering the effect of relaxer burn. I blame the dryness and itch on my still having not figured out my moisturising.

8 July 2016

Recent Beauty Favourites

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Hi, I'm Nomali, and I'm obsessed with lip colours. I'm finally doing a post on my recent favourite beauty buys and decisions.

5 July 2016

After June

Using stylised "lifestyle" stock images on my life blog feels weird.

June has been a ride. Not terrible, just filled with a lot of feelings. For seven years, June has been an incredibly tender time for me. Tender like pins and needles when your limb has dozed off. Tender like gushing. An outpouring. 

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