23 March 2016

The Power in Beyoncé Getting Blue Ivy in Formation

"I'm a star"
By now, it's old news. Sometime on Saturday, 7 February -- US time -- Beyoncé snatched her fanbase and most breathing black women bald. Everybody was minding their own business aka anticipating what Beyoncé would do at the superbowl the next day when she decided to slay us.

By now, you know that Beyoncé released a song and music video that stinks with Southern US black pride. You know that the next day she took to the Superbowl stage accompanied by 30 black women all dressed in black and berets, bringing to mind Black Panthers. You know her white audience was confused af and nobody actually cares. Shurrup, black women are talking about a black woman's art.

16 March 2016

LA Girl Matte Lip Gloss at Dischem

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In November, during what I can only describe as a haze of menstrual pain fuckery, I rushed to the Dischem by my job to get some Nurofen. Then I started thinking, I was already there and it was the nice kind of Dischem. The kind where old white women surely shop. Where it's the stock is up to date. I'd already gotten my coconut oil at my local-ish outlet -- read underwhelment here. What else could I get? Oooh! A cleanser. Yes, I need one of those. I went with a pink Nutrogena liquid (I'm pretty sure that it's grapefruit?) It was then, while loitering and sniffing up and down the aisle, that I remembered I have lips, which I like to colour. Not only that, but I've meant to colour with the famous LA Girl Matte shandis. I scurried over and discovered that not only did they have a variety in stock but the also had one in purple. It's called, "black current," you know, like the Drink O-pop flavour. I love purple lips so I had to have it.

la girl matte lip gloss review

14 March 2016

Trying to Change my Mind About Donna Claire

south african plus size blogger,

Donna Claire makes me sad. It's the one place where my Fat Girl Feels go to die. But, sometimes I see something that sparks my hope because clearly I haven't accepted that this relationship is really bad for me and I should let it go. Last December, the thing that made me hopeful was the swimwear situation they had going. It wasn't perfect but THEY HAD TWO-PIECE OPTIONS. 

I was at the mall a few weeks ago, hoping I don't die, and wandered into the Donna Claire store. I saw the was a sale going (still expensive) and I thought it wouldn't hurt to try on a few of the pieces I didn't completely hate.

2 March 2016


All Hail The Honey

Fun fact: I thought up this series, IDKWCIDWM, after seeing the first few images in the first chapter of "The Honey" series by graphic designer/illustrator/all round genius, Rendani Nemakhavhani aka MissBlacDropp aka Praise Be! and her collaborators, the photographers, D.O.Ps and art directors Kgomotso Neto Tleane and Khotso Mahlangu.

 For days, I was thinking about that first series of of photos: a black woman in  a sundress carrying imvubu. I wanted to talk about the concept and the meaning -- not what Rendani set out to do, but what I found in it -- with someone who'd get it. I wanted to write about it but in those first fews days, I really didn't know what to say. I wanted to gesture. I wanted to smile smugly. I really didn't know what to do with myself. And here we are.

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