24 December 2016

Fat Girl Shopping: Summer Body

Shopping For Plus Size Swimwear in South Africa

south african plus size blogger,

Shopping for plus size swimwear hasn't been much of a consideration for me because big bodies of water aren't a thing in my life. But because I'm thinking about swimwear for plus size women, I found myself thinking about being in water as well.

One of my swimming-related memories, that aren't that one time I almost got swept away by a river current as a child or my first time in a swimming pool when I visited KwaMashu when I was seven years old, just popped into my head as I am thinking about how scarce water has been in my life since I moved away from a place with rivers. I am 10 years old and we are on a school trip. For some reason, I am wearing my black and white school uniform, which isn't even the school I attend's uniform. We are going to one of Durban's beaches and I'm excited. At the beach, a girl named Boh lends me her floral tights and I swim in them and the under vest my mother -- all the way in Johannesburg -- taught to me to wear when I lived with her for the first time the previous year. I'm fat so I stretch the tights.the ride up my thighs and I remember feeling bad afterwards. But never while I was playing in the waves.

A few weeks ago, I went to Donna to try on their swimwear selection and it was an insightful exercise.  

8 December 2016

Their Names

Trigger warning

nokuphila kumalo, corrective rape, eudy simelane, women's month, women killed in south africa, 16 days of activism, noluvo swelindawo

On Monday, I typed two words in in all caps in my email's draft and watched as the red lines appeared under each word. This is what happens when computers don't recognise the name (usually when it's not a Western or English name). The red lines underlined the words Noluvo Swelindawo. My heart was broken and heavy. Two words. A name and a surname. A black girl. Dead. Made dead by violence and hatred. It had been three months since I last did that.

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