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I walk past a lot of "ngoja" shops on my way to my taxi each morning. Most of the times, unless I'm very preoccupied /overtly anxious, I think about how easy it is to dress like yourself, "be stylish" and dress like a thot when you're thin. Sometimes I tweet my feelings on the matter. My envy feelings have been on a lot of items, but none like the slip dress.

The slip dress has been sitting on my spirit for years now. Aside from thinking Robyn Rihanna Fenty, when I think of the slip dress I think of my own self and vibes. Look, I don't even own a strapless bra (pretty sure the slip is a bra-free zone) but I just want to have the option to figure out how to style my slip dresses on my own.

Brands and shops shouldn't be concerned with whether or not big bobs and tummies look "good" or "flattered" in slip dresses or anything else. Just give us a seat at that table (and many, many others) and we will figure it out for ourselves.

1. Striped slip dress from local brand Selfie (goes up to a large but they don't have a sizing chart so it could mean anything)
2. Tiered Slip dress from Forever 21
4. Red Slip Dress from Spree (goes up to a 38, also check out this slip that could fit up 40/42 depending on proportions)
5. Pink slip dress from Asos dot com

I had a slip dress encounter at Donna earlier this year. I would have preferred to size up if I bought it but though my bra was all wrong, the print was cute and the pockets appreciated. 

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What sartorial expressions are you currently craving?

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