At the end of September, I packed up my life -- notebooks, piles of notebooks, magazines and books, piles of clothes and kid sister -- and moved house. It was exhausting. We haven't even finished unpacking but we are HERE!

I had lived at my previous place just over five years. Even though I had been wanting to move as early as 2012. My abridged accommodation history: in 2010 (18) we moved my mother's massive shack and moved into it. The men who rebuilt it were trash and in flooded a lot. In 2011 (19) I got my first job and could afford a room. We moved to where we've been until the last week of September, 2016. The funny thing is we were moving into the garage-size room (I love space! Lol) but the last minute a man who already lived there moved into it and we were saddled with his old, much smaller room. In my mother's shack we had space for a lot, including a fridge and room for me to do floor exercises while watching Dr Phil before he went bad. But not in the new space. Then sometime in 2013 I started buying more and more things for my shop (I know! Hot mess) and they took up space we didn't have and it felt not nice nje. I went through two unemployment cycles there, hella depression bouts and by 2014 (22) I just hated all of them (lol mostly one person) and I felt cramped. But no more!

Anyway. Now that we've moved and have a total of three rooms to build our lives in, I still need to buy a few essentials and nice things. Which is why I have made this moving wish list. I'm sort of saving for some of the big things and the others are just pipe dreamz.

Sofa // 

We have to sit somewhere. This sofa specifically has become goals -- well, maybe second hand because ain't nobody got time to be paying over 6k for a sofa pliz! I saw it at a second hand shop by work and a decent-ish price and I wanted to cry.

Cushions // 

Just nje.

Full-length mirror //

For the culture. I've never really had big mirrors in my life. I have an abandoned essay in the memopad of my Blackberry talking about body image, being, like, 13, and seeing myself in a store mirror and feeling a bit of a disconnect with how my body looked. Seeing myself in windows and mirrors in store has gotten much (much!) better with growth in my fat + body acceptance. But I really just want to take mirror squat selfies and nyuds tbh.

Errands Tote // 

I have a few (canvas) tote bags. I enjoy them because they're low maintenance and go with everything and it's hard for pick pockets to get in there. I put this particular on here for cuteness only because I shall never, ever pay close to R300 for a tote bag. Like, bye. Maybe I'll start going on weekly ill-advised thrifting trips in the guise of following in my mother's footsteps and doing a frequent vegetables shopping trip in the city.

Plants //

I really just want plants. I have for a while now. I want succulents and other plants, hopefully I can keep them alive and thrive along with them.

Media shandis //

When we (Mphiwe and I) housesat for our mother's friend back in December -- it was for five days maximum but it healed me SO much! -- the best part was that they had iexplora. I'm a TV and film etc person. I enjoy watching things. It makes me so happy. I've considered the streaming (and now downloading) service Showmax but it would be very expensive and a little irrelevant because I want to write about TV. For that to be a possibility I must watch as much local and current TV as possible, Hire me!

These are not even the practical things the place needs. For one we need a fridge. And pots. And for my curtain guy to phone me back. Let's just say at this moment in time, I truly understand why furniture shops and their credit scams have beeen thriving. It's tough to do things on the pay cheque to pay cheque life. Don't get me started on getting scammed out of the money I spent most of the year saving to my move. Anyway.

I hope you get the thing you really want soon. I hope you get the thing you need first.