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Who's up for a switch up? The last few posts have been rather word-heavy, which is great! But I've decided to finally get around to reviwing the garnier Pure Active 3 in 1. Who doesn't like the dog ear and flower crown filter? I've gotten in the habit on turning to Snapchat whenever I'm getting my mask on, usually on a Saturday, and waiting for the fifteen minutes to pass. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally realised why the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 product is worth a buy. 
When I bought the Garnier Pure Active, it had been all over local beauty-adjacent blogs all summer but I bought it because I stood at the shelve, held it in my hand and read the packaging. The blogs I'd seen it on hadn't mentioned much about the product, which I guess was sort of part of the partnership? Puzzling as that is.

Today is not the day where I talk about how puzzling local brand + blogger partnerships are but that day is probably coming.

Within a few uses, I posted my Pure Active 3 in 1 tube on Instagram and a beauty blogger  (like proper) asked me if it was good. My exact words were, "it's not that different from other scrub + mask + wash products I've used." Those products had been cheaper, might I add. I also felt their whole "3 in 1" thing was a a bit of a lie because the difference between scrubing and washing is so thin with this.

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But there was something it was too early to notice, something the partner bloggers didn't tell me because they probably don't even have the skin type for the product. Did they even use it?

The lesson was: you need that white clay in your life, girl!

If you are looking for a new a product, these are my three reasons to try Garnier's Pure Active 3 in 1:

1. Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 is for oily skin.

This is one tidbit of information that would have made me take notice if I came across it while reading reviews. But I don't recall seeing it. While my skin is not overly oily, it's still on that side of life and is hella "prone to imperfections" i.e breakout land.

2. Clay is your friend, oily skin twin

At least eight weeks after breaking my tube open, I learnt that clay is da bomb. Just like the charcoal mask from my beauty favourites post, this mask gives my face clean vibes. The scrubbing is also great and, according to experts, that salicylic acid listed proudly on the packaging makes for good scrubs.

3. Having a face is gross, the Pure Active 3 in 1 helps make it less so

Back to that clay tho. My face gets gross -- and I have learnt the word sebum. This Garnier Pure Active mask has helped with that. My only thing is that I don't use the product frequently enuf. I use it as a scrub maybe twice a week and do a mask at least once. Maybe if I used it frequently, I would have even better news to report.

Next up? I need to try a sheet mask.
Have you tried this product, what were your thoughts?

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