22 June 2016

The Greys

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If you have read my wardrobe "mood board" for autumn and winter 2016 (and the foreseeable future, tbh) then this dress and look in general isn't much of a surprise. Grey and "ribbed" are a big part of what I'm currently thinking about for clothes. 

20 June 2016

Fat Girl Feels

#HereIAm by JC Penny

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Ok, first things first, this video made me tear up. That’s how much representation matters. It’s life-affirming to see yourself in things, and this JC Penny ad/video has done a little of that for ya grl.

10 June 2016

On The Yearning

One of my favourite people, and my current writing partner, wrote a book. This isn’t new. She wrote it ages ago. She finalised the manuscript in 2012. She allowed me to read it in late 2015, she was fed up with our publishing industry and was quarter to self-publishing it. To get it into the world. “100 coppies,” she had said.

Then life happened.

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9 June 2016


Lol, should I have just left out the "A" for autumn in this? 

I have been thinking (more often) about what it would take for me to dress like myself. What that would look like outside the functional, "it fits" clothes I have in my mother's wardrobe. I see things from a moving taxi and want them: A champagne, knee-length jumper situation with high slits, faux leather motor jackets, a faux fur gilet (it's in the wrong colour, I convince myself). But is that even my style? If the gilet were forest green, would I be a faux fur vest sort of person? Where would I wear it to?

But in April, I made a realistic (in the sense that I liked the items, not in terms of size availability) list of things I wouldn't mind making a part of my autumn and winter uniform. This post is about that list.
My winter (life, tbh) palette.

5 June 2016

Meet my New-New Phone

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have bought the Hisense Infinity Prime twice in under six months.

It's no longer really news, but I have graduated from Blackberry to Android. This can be seen in how much more active I have been on Instagram these last few months. I got my first Blackberry (an 8520) at my first job. I was 19, and suddenly, I had email, long internet and apps. I really got into Twitter around that same time too. 

3 June 2016

How to Eat Johannesburg - A Guide

I was a notorious picky eater in my childhood. Which simply means I was picky about where I ate. I loved my food (but not cooked carrots) and I ate it. In the safety of, like, my home or my friend's house where I couldn't resist her grandfather's peanut butter porridge.

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A part of me wonders whom I'm writing this to because if you travel the Johannesburg CBD on the daily and aren't eating it, angazi. How are you?

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