24 May 2016

Evans South Africa

So Evans, the company responsible for my favourite, blogger-fueled envy phase aka the great two-piece of 2014, is now available in South Africa through Spree.
Gabifresh in the two-piece of my dreams.

15 May 2016

Ash, Bye.

I honestly have two references for camphor. One is the advert, which was a fixture in the late 90s about the man stranded on a desert who'd rather die of thirst than be ashy. The second, more important, reference is that I was such a Vaseline baby (the petroleum jelly) that one time I used camphor from head to toe and sweated my life away.
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So when I was approached and offered a gift of the new Vaseline intensive care camphor restore for review, I was curious. When winter approaches, I have to complicate my body care regime a little. By which I mean I pull out all the oils to add to my lotion routine. A product aimed at helping dry winter skin recover is exactly the sort of thing that could change my winter moisturising routine for the better. 

Here's a little review of the Vaseline intensive care camphor restore if you are shopping around for a new moisturiser/body lotion this autumn/winter.

12 May 2016

Calling Myself Fat

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It's not me being cute, I don't have the body privilege that would take.
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