28 April 2016

Hair Care

My first decisions when I got a job last year included paying back rent (what a relief, how embarrassing) and coming through on an old promise to buy my sister a new (better from what she'd had) phone. I then bought coconut oil. It was generic and I got the version that doesn't have the smell. I couldn't afford to pay extra for the smell but also, like, I'm not walking around making the world crave Romany Creams -- this joke is not mine. I'm a saint, tbh. A poor saint but still.

A few months into the coconut oil, I finally added a water spray as it was something I felt I needed. I don't care about shrinkage and love putting water in my hair. The daily -- or every other day -- combination of water and coconut oil was all right. My hair was taking to it. But I needed more, especially when I tired of the coconut oil and started noticing that while my coils were oiled and nice, my scalp was a desert road. 

13 April 2016

Jean 2 Jean

Who among us doesn't have a secret pinterest board of Rihanna looks we would one day like to try? An anonymous tumblr? A folder in your phone/computer? It's a rite.

While I have a few Rihanna LEWKS chilling in my my (nonexistent) dreams board, or whatever they are called, there is one that I have always carried in my ~heart~ as a jean lover. It seemed practical and doable, unlike the other looks, which I could only emulate with my attitude and not in actual outfit form because it's hard for a fat thot. I can barely get basics in life, how would I get a velvet tsupna? When I finally found a denim skirt I liked, I knew it was time to put this goodness in the world.
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