12 February 2016

Jet Love Yourself Campaign

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Pretty much everyone who uses on the the internet in South Africa -- likely the Southern African region at large -- is likely to have seen Jet's new campaign. I came across the Jet Love Yourself campaign not because I'm very good at the internet or on any PR lists that would have made sure it comes through to me as a fat South African woman interested in body positivity and representation across our media. The Jet Love Yourself Valentine's campaign found me through the very basic act of a colleague uploading the video in the "random" channel on slack.

I, of course, really enjoy this campaign. Not only does it showcase quite a variety of different bodies and women -- who are not models -- from different fields discussing what self love means, it also manages to keep the focus on the women and Jet's customers by extension. After I was done freaking out, I started thinking about the campaign's command to women: Love Yourself dammit. Many brands over-simplify self-acceptance as if it were something we as women don't actively pursue after we finally realise that our relationships with our bodies, media and other external forces is not healthy. As if it's not ongoing. Daily practice. A number of the women mention this in the video. It takes time, you are doing well. We are all doing well. Take another step.

10 February 2016


Mpho Sebina Covers

It's been a long/hard few weeks and, like, I'm thankful I discovered this music. So thankful. For the first time since I thought up this series of posts, I literally don't know what to do with myself or what to say. But I hope you enjoy this music and I hope this post is what you needed to hear.

Fun fact: though the memories are not solid or rooted in time, I'm pretty sure I had "Lerato" in my life back when I was a child and didn't even understand the language.

Thank you to Mpho. Thank you to Brenda. Thank you to Boom Shaka and, my love, Lebo.

8 February 2016

Lush South Africa

Back in December, at my job they made an announcement that we would go to Lush South Africa as a treat for everybody for pulling through the year (two months for me) and generally being nice to work with. The deal was that Lush South Africa was the only place that we would be able to get up to a whole lot of treating ourselves. But I had questions.

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