OK, not really -- my last post was only a couple of Thursdays ago. But still. We haven't had a catch up in a while. How are you?

I have been doing better. It wasn't until I started thinking about writing this update that I realised just how much better I've been. I'm writing a lot of this while I listen to the rain and Frank Ocean's Pink Matter. I'm on a taxi and I figure writing this would be more useful than stressing about wet roads. And, hopefully, you'll read it as I read many of my favourite internet things: in the morning while commuting.

OK, onto update things.

Firstly, in really great news, I have a job. I started in October and it's really great to have something again (after more than a year!) I'm still finding my feet and getting used to waking up at 05h30. I also need to remind myself more that I'm only starting in this position. It is really a lovely place to work (hi, colleagues and employers possibly reading my internet blog). Haha, seriously though.

It's with this awesomeness of work environment in mind that I need to remind myself to breathe and to chill the fuck out. Let's us not forget that ndiyilaghel currently bereft of coping mechanisms.

Secondly, I'm curating an ezine!!! Yebo. Uju will be a seasonal (quarterly?) ezine of writing and art by black women of African experience. I'm looking for your stories. Everything from memory, reviews (of people, feelings, memories), fiction, made up stories about real times and real stories about made up times, how you picture the future, erotica, all the women you want to be etc. Read more about Uju here and send me everything. All the things. If you have an idea you would like chat about, email me. 

I'm particularly hoping to find an illustrator or graphic designer to work closely with. Also email me if you'd be keen in helping out with the Facebook page.

Thirdly, my shop is still a thing. I'm slowly getting back to finessing it and this is the first place I will write when it's back up again. Send all the best vibes, I might need them.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. What's new with you?