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I made another (I also made one in autumn, which I’ll show you in at the bottom) Mr Price wishlist. As regular readers of this blog might know, everyone’s favourite, Mr P, and I have a strained relationship. In that I want to wear what I want to wear and Mr P won’t let me because I’m not a size 38. Get yourself together, Mr P so we can be BFF when I have money again!
Though their size options are still quite limited and still focus mainly on the smallest side of plus, they will sometimes open up a few garment and have them in “extended sizes”, which is a start, I guess.

1. Shirt Dress:
I squealed when I saw this baby the other day. About two years ago, I saw an almost similar style dress on the internet (asos) and absolutely fell for it. I’m curious about the sizing #BringBackFatGirlShopping.

2. “Mom” Jeans:
Mr P jeans always have weird waists going on whenever they try to go high-waist and this pair of “mom” jeans is no different. This is one of about three items on this wishlist that aren’t “extended” sized. That’s a thing I’ve noticed with the Mr P jeans: only two or three are available to fat women and it’s never been a boyfriend pair.

3. “Almost Famous” Tee:
I saw this tee the other day and immediately saw myself wearing it with the black pleated jersey skirt I thrifted and tekkies to attend #FillUpTheDome. The last time I bought a really cute “statement” tee was with a batman t-shirt, also from Mr Price.

4. “Magubane” crop top:
This is the second of the not-plus size items and I LOVE it. It only goes up to an XL. What is it with Mr Price and their “no crop tops for fat women” policy? Chill, bruh. We want to show our stomachs too. (read this rant post for my take on the bad PR fat women have.)

5. Quilted Platform:
The upper of this shoe doesn’t look like the best but I like it because I live and die for igqomoza.

6. Fringe:
The Mr Price ‘70s-inspired spring range (think button down skirts, florals, peasant crop tops and dresses) is really cute but again No Fat Women Allowed. I liked the look of the fringed top I tried on in my first Fat Girl Shopping and this is basically the same top.

7. Crotchet Frump:
This dress is frumpy as fuck and that’s exactly why I like it. The sleeves are fugly but the Wednesday Addams in me says YAS. I’d basically wear this every other day until it fell apart.

8. Boots
I’ve wanted these boots for as long as I’ve known of their existence. Refer to my chucky-sole loving ways on item #5. They look like they’d be perfect for witch things.

9. Pencil Skirt:
I want this particular item because it’d form the bones of my wardrobe because kushubile at this juncture. It goes up to a size 44 (hardly good enuf) and is already sold out* in the fat sizes.

10. Shirt Dress:
This dress makes me think of tennis for some reason. I also think of warm days that go on for hours, cold drinks and sun-kissed thighs. I’d wear it with item #5. It goes up to a size XL, I think.

11. Drawstring Culottes:
I’ve had this picture saved on my phone for weeks. They’re no longer on the website (there are these now) but I prefer this pair because they’re sportier, more versatile and comfy.

12.  Slides:
Fun fact: when I was 11 - 12, I was obsessed with the birks and socks look, I’m not even ashamed. When faux-birks became a thing again last year I had SO much FOMO because I knew I couldn’t afford a pair. I guess these slides are the next phase in that trend (they come in a lot of colours).

A while back I asked why Mr Price doesn’t have an affiliates scheme and I got this half-arsed explanation. Girl, I guess. They’ve been online for a WHILE now and it doesn’t make sense that they don’t have a way for people (bloggers etc) to make a commission from recommending their products. I know I could use that sort of income and I like recommending things.

Here’s the list I made in autumn:

 I think everything is sold out but I’m still thinking about that skirt and the trousers.

See, I clearly have too much time on my hands to poke around their website. And even though I live in the mens’ section IRL, it looks off online. Also check out the sale “priced to go’ section. I feel weird wanting things when I don’t have money or places to wear them. I know it’s silly but it’s there.

Do you like any of these items? What are your thoughts on South Africa’s fast fashion industry?

 *Mr Price online does this weird thing where things “sell out” in the fat sizes and there isn’t even an option to let them know you also want one. Surely they’d want to know how many other people want the thing in what size, to help with production?