18 August 2015

Artists You Should Care About

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This post has been a long time coming. Just about every other young South African with internet connection or an actual smartphone (don’t tell my blackberry curve 9320 I wrote this) has a sort of visual diary. Be it tumblr or instagram or even old facebook. Between 2011 and 2013 I lived on tumblr and “curated” nomali-from-soweto.tumblr.com, which I have since deleted, and that’s when I refined what spoke to me in terms of art and visuals. The following people stand out for me and I really care about what they’re making and sharing. You should probably care too.

16 August 2015

On the Low - Card on Spokes featuring Nonku Phiri and Okmalumkoolkat

Have you heard "On the Low" by Card on Spokes featuring Nonku Phiri and Okmalumkoolkat? Well I have and I love it. I've heard it over and over and twice on a Sunday. One word to describe this song would, obviously, have to be: ~feels~

"On the Low" is probably my favourite song I've listened to this year so far. I never even imagined that a song set to an electronic beat could be sexy and intimate and melancholy. In fact, "electronic" only brings to mind topless white dude bros jumping around in warehouses and doing other white dude bro things. Sorry, to whatever minority group they likely appropriated it from, sorry they bastardised it.

8 August 2015

Clothes I'd Buy From Mr Price

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I made another (I also made one in autumn, which I’ll show you in at the bottom) Mr Price wishlist. As regular readers of this blog might know, everyone’s favourite, Mr P, and I have a strained relationship. In that I want to wear what I want to wear and Mr P won’t let me because I’m not a size 38. Get yourself together, Mr P so we can be BFF when I have money again!
Though their size options are still quite limited and still focus mainly on the smallest side of plus, they will sometimes open up a few garment and have them in “extended sizes”, which is a start, I guess.

5 August 2015

Noms X #FillUpTheDome

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Long time no see, hey? I hope you know, though, that if I could be here 24/7 -- or at least a few times a month (like old times/your period) -- I'd do it! This is not a catch up post. However this blog is still a thing. Mafre.

I'm writing here again because Cassper Nyovest has a dream to #FillUpTheDome and my dream is to watch him do it. I want to be in that crowd with my kid sister and live through that experience. Nyovest says he wants to do it alone but I hope he doesn't mean perform totally alone. These past two years have been great for him but in my mind he's never alone. He's with affiliates, the people he always mentions on things. They don't have to have equal billing, because it would be his concert, but they have to come out and open etc. Tickets went on sale this past weekend and I'm into it. The last time I felt music-related FOMO (or, I Hate Being Poor) was with Kendrick, last year.

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