For days I've been chanting "Rochelle, Jordan" at random. Days. 

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At R200.00 clean, his jacket is the most expensive item I've ever thrifted. When I first got it I kept thinking it would be the perfect thing to wear to visit a Johannesburg strip club (I always lean on the summit, especially when I pass it on a taxi). When the frail iphone 3g (currently in my possession) was passed down to me I even began thinking of the gpoy I'd post to the gram. The club's signage would clearly be visible and I'd use the ALL THINGS Rihanna's "still got mo money" as a caption.

I haven't gotten to that, or actually worn this jacket for more than two hours. It's quite heavy even but it's a firm favourite of the things I own. I own a few things, shem, and it's up there. The great thing is that you can remove the lining during warm-ish days. The dress I picked up and regretted doing so (in 2012, I did a lot of thrifting and general buying back then) but when I saw it again the other day while taking stock of shop stuff. I had to pull is close to my hip for keeps. The shoes are an ode to my ugly-shoes-loving heart. The bad faces are all my sister's fault because she's not all the way pleased to take my pictures.

Anyway. I had Club Paradise on my mind when I made this. I'm pleased.

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Jacket: thrifted | Dress: thrifted | Shoes: pep | headwrap (scarf): street vendor (c. 2009?)