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Paul Costello for ELLE

Dear Aubrey,

I've been leaving letters for you all over the internet. I've been keeping letters addressed to you in my blackberry's memopad since I started emerging from a long-ass shadow of bad feelings last October.

October :).

I have no one to talk to about the latest blessing you've given to the world. I have no one to talk to about any sort of meaningful feelings I might have at any given moment. Aubrey, I spent nearly four days last week with You & The 6 on repeat. It's not just that invokes feelings and memories of my own mother -- because goodness does it -- but it's just the love in there from which I can't stray for too long.

You're the king of the adlibs and this showed on this tape. But this track, tho, dude. You did too much in all the right ways. I feel like I'm watching you and your mum banter. I'm watching you in a not-creepy way. I'm watching you like a really close friend. Can I be the TT to your Malik? We don't have too much history that we can't best friend it up right now. Twenty-five is my new cut off point for "new friends". If I have not met my people by then, I'll just have to continue on alone. Apply now, Aubrey, whiles there's still time.

Also, I love how you touch on how, in this day and age, it's so easy for parents to know your business and stay on top of it. So what if you won't tell her where you are or answer her phone calls? She'll stay on the facebook and -- if you're as famous as you are -- she'll get the alerts. I always imagine dating and meeting new men will be about the only benefits of being a parentless person. Mothers like getting right in there, don't they? But you are lucky.

Before my mother died I used to think of what sort of family we'd be if my dad was still around. If he'd been alive for my seventh birthday. They had me too young and didn't stay together. They had the weird chemistry of people who'd known each other too long; known each other when they were so young it might have felt like it would last forever. Your father sounds very cool. When I fix my phone issues one day, I'm following him on the gram.

I watch these clones who call you names because they wish they didn't have to pose. I watch them try to be at your level and hide behind their misogyny and harmful maleness principles that are harming them when it doesn't work out. Don't let them change you. You're one of my references of soul music.

I have some questions:

Is She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named Robyn? Are you a Lord Voldemort supporter? What do you mean you're always back with You-Know-Who? She's ruined you hasn't she? A good sort of ruin that feels like staying in and "leaving through the front door". Please don't say it's a dig at the tabloids.

Phone your mother more.

All my love (and tears)

[I went searching for "black mothers and their sons" on google and the web results made me very sad. Black mothers deserve better. Take this picture of our Patron Saint Solange and the magnificent Julez]