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My history with white nails/white nail polish and questions of punk goes back a little over a decade. In 2004 I began high school and along with it an affair with Tip-Exx (white error correcting fluid). I personally always owned the pen Tip-Exx that required only shaking and scribbling on paper. But I obsessed over of friends' brush Tip-Exx with its nail-polish-esque packaging. White some of my friends gave themselves fake french tips with the solution I painted my whole nails white (or sniffed my fingers when I'd used them to rub away the wetness of the solution from my books). I actually had a worrying Tip-Exx habit for a while in grades eight and nine. lol.

I began biting my nails (and cracking my knuckles) when I entered high school. I realised sometime last year that those were probably anxiety habits. By the time grade 10 rolled around I was deep in my affair with black nail polish. I barely had any nails (still don't rn, tbh) but whatever bit of nail I had, I painted black. Then, sometime in grade 11, this girl walks up to me and starts talking to me about my black nail polish. She mentioned that she used black nail polish too and asked if I was also "a punk"? I side-eyed her so hard because even though I liked Avril, P!nk etc, I wasn't trying to be punk or using it to be like the women in the music I listened to. I probably rolled my eyes and compelled her to get ways from with with under-the-breath incantations. Been Repelling the basics sine 1999, yo.

I picked this plain (and very low quality) nail polish last yer or very late in 2013. I'm not much of a nail person so weeks go w/o me applying even a single stroke of polish to my fingers. But when I feel down or good or like my nails need some perking up -- I pick this bottle up and cast some spells.

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Middle finger ring from the streets and peace sign ring from Mr P on super sale. 
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 If that girl asked me today if this nail polish was me trying to be punk I'd still side-eye her hard and perform a surroundings cleansing to get her and her energy the eff out of my space. But I will say that this nail polish makes me feel the same way that the black nail polish made me feel back then. I feel fresher than you (and, often, fresher than my usual polish-less self) when I put it on. If by "a punk" the girl meant good, self-possed, and trying to stir some trouble with the teachers then yes I felt punk. And by extension I feel punk rn. So maybe white nail polish can be punk.