29 March 2015

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

"You don't have to jump" says Tom Hanks' character to his young son, Oskar.

By Mattew Wiebe via unsplash.com
In the scene, Thomas Schell is trying to coax his son, Oskar Schell, into trying swinging at the park. His story is about how much more exciting swinging got for him when he learnt to propel himself and jump off. He tells the boy the above and I found it comforting. You can try thing out but only do what works for you -- just because others are doing something it does not mean you have to push yourself to that level. Do what feels right  but always try.

27 March 2015

Kate and Me

Oh, dear Kate. 

I’ve had this Rimmel London x Kate lipstick for a few years and it cost me about 90 bucks tops back in 2013. My first job was in the Hyde Park vicinity and I sometimes found myself inside Hyde Park Corner -- that's where I bought the lipstick and too many slices of yummy red velvet cake.

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20 March 2015

All Day.

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How long you stay in your lane?

All day, nigga.

18 March 2015

On Wednesdays we Wear Tartan

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So I have news: my shop is finally up and ready for your body.

Those of you who've read this blog, followed my twitter or tumblr for a while might know a bit about my shop dream. And now, I've taken a giant leap toward making it a ~thing~. What started off as Stratafords on an impulse and had been haunting me since 2012 is now a tangible internet destination. Goodness, I sound so profesh and copywriter-esque! Shop Sixty-Six is live and sexy all up on your interwebz! I thought I'd take a little time to write this very formal introduction because you guys are like the friends I deserve to have in my life. The friends I tell a lot of inner feelings and thoughts. The friends and gossip with and share my dreams and lessons with. You didn't know? Well, you're stuck with me now.

9 March 2015

If you are reading this, the time is just right

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Paul Costello for ELLE

Dear Aubrey,

I've been leaving letters for you all over the internet. I've been keeping letters addressed to you in my blackberry's memopad since I started emerging from a long-ass shadow of bad feelings last October.

October :).

I have no one to talk to about the latest blessing you've given to the world. I have no one to talk to about any sort of meaningful feelings I might have at any given moment. Aubrey, I spent nearly four days last week with You & The 6 on repeat. It's not just that invokes feelings and memories of my own mother -- because goodness does it -- but it's just the love in there from which I can't stray for too long.

4 March 2015

Can White Nails Be Punk?

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My history with white nails/white nail polish and questions of punk goes back a little over a decade. In 2004 I began high school and along with it an affair with Tip-Exx (white error correcting fluid). I personally always owned the pen Tip-Exx that required only shaking and scribbling on paper. But I obsessed over of friends' brush Tip-Exx with its nail-polish-esque packaging. White some of my friends gave themselves fake french tips with the solution I painted my whole nails white (or sniffed my fingers when I'd used them to rub away the wetness of the solution from my books). I actually had a worrying Tip-Exx habit for a while in grades eight and nine. lol.

I began biting my nails (and cracking my knuckles) when I entered high school. I realised sometime last year that those were probably anxiety habits. By the time grade 10 rolled around I was deep in my affair with black nail polish. I barely had any nails (still don't rn, tbh) but whatever bit of nail I had, I painted black. Then, sometime in grade 11, this girl walks up to me and starts talking to me about my black nail polish. She mentioned that she used black nail polish too and asked if I was also "a punk"? I side-eyed her so hard because even though I liked Avril, P!nk etc, I wasn't trying to be punk or using it to be like the women in the music I listened to. I probably rolled my eyes and compelled her to get ways from with with under-the-breath incantations. Been Repelling the basics sine 1999, yo.

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