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I know in my first post (of 2k15) I said all hair decisions were on hold. I lied. More to myself than to you.

Last Tuesday I went to the famous Ngamula -- the Ngamulas are famous to people who know me on the internet because whenever someone asks about getting a Kendrick they are who I recommend. The resulting cut was one where Ngamula took artistic license and I'm not mad at him for it. The Ngamulas and I chatted about how the local schools' ban on the cuts is not only a petty decision but also one that's had an effect on their business. They'd be busy throughout the year if kids at the local high schools weren't forced to shave their hair off it they dare to get the german cut or 'hawk. The forced uniformity of our schools would have prospered with this hair but for some reason the teachers find it to be too festive. My particular cut is festive because I'm a grown woman. Anyway. My sister has gotten herself a Ngamula cut two December holidays in a row, the one she got last year was the best. This is another chapter in my hair story.

For a better picture of the hair (visit my instagram) for a series of selfies showcasing most of my accessory "collection"  and my new cut read click through. All of the accessories (except for the Ray Bans) I bought on the streets of Johannesburg. The lipstick is almost as brown as I want it to be.

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All the Ngamula haircuts cost R10.00. You will find them across the Diepkloof Library in Zone Five Ben Naude Street,

- Nomali