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The heat hasn't relented since the year began and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. On the 9th of January Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh launched her full collection of fatkinis and my heart really swelled because it's great when fat girls get nice things. Fat girls deserve narce things too. Always. But even though I'm super poor and would have nowhere to wear a fatkini I've made this collage anyway. The priced sets are from Forever 21 and maybe if we're lucky haha, who am I kidding they'll be stocked when the plus size line finally launches in South Africa. The other sets are from Gabi's  Swim Sexy collection, which you can view and shop here. The latter fatkinis run in the R700.00+ mark -- if you can afford to get one, go for it! Even though the heat might go away soon I think it's wise to start buying up all the swimwear (if you you're planning to slay the beaches, swimming pools, inflatable pools of the world) as there's still a lot of variety on the internet. Also, another great thing about buying swimwear right now is that your summer body will be decided. Your body as it is right now will have to be your summer body. I don't even believe in "the summer body".

Do you know of any fatkini or plus size swimwear (bathing!!!) brands closer to home? Let's be about not forcing fat women to rock that tight and skipa at the beach steeze tu.  Let's do better. If you are a local (or African) plus size brand with good news, get in touch. I love good news.

If you're a fat woman in Africa and have thoughts on plus size women in swimwear, feel free to share them in the comments too. My thought all boil down to: fat women can do whatever they want.